The next instalment of DC Extended Universe (DCEU), "Suicide Squad," is all set to hit theatres on Aug. 5 and fans are eagerly looking forward to watch their favourite comic book characters coming alive on the big screen.

"Suicide Squad" is based on DC comic book of same name and consists of a group of anti-heroes who have been hired by government to carry out various assignments. All the characters are former super-villains who had been imprisoned in the infamous Arkham Asylum for their crimes.

Though the synopsis of the movie has been revealed, it is still unclear which of the story-line from original comic books will be adapted into the film. Since the events of "Suicide Squad" will take place after "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," there is a significant possibility that both the movies will have some sort of connection in one way or other.

At the end of "Dawn of Justice," Lex Luthor (played by Jesse Eisenberg) can be seen inside the prison telling Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) that he knows "what is coming" with an evil grin.

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In some versions of the comic books, Enchantress, one of the primary members of Suicide Squad, works for Luthor and is actually a double agent who tries to manipulate other members of the team, especially Joker and Harley Quinn, to work for Luthor and help him in defeating Superman and Batman.

Whether the story-line of the movie adaptation will follow the same plot or not is yet to be confirmed. However, if the movie does follow this story, it is surely going to be one roller coaster ride for all the DC fans as involvement of a sinister villain like Luthor will only make the story more thrilling and interesting.

Eisenberg hasn't been cast in "Suicide Squad." Nevertheless, an unexpected cameo by him as Luthor will undoubtedly add more to the plot. Here is an exciting clip of Enchantress from "Suicide Squad:"