Jared Leto as Joker
Jared Leto as the Joker in "Suicide Squad"Screenshot/ Twitter

The recently-released picture of "The Joker", who has been one of the most iconic super villains in the "Batman" series, has undergone a makeover for director David Ayer's "Suicide Squad" and this time, it is Jared Leto who is starring in this rock-punk new look of the Joker.

Fans have given mixed reactions to this new avatar of their favourite villain, but they also wonder what has inspired Ayer to create such a look. Well fans don't have to go far for their answer as it is in the comic books itself.

Gone are the Heath Ledger days when the hair was all rough and messy with just a tint of green, as the new Joker has short-cropped bright green hair that has no curls or volume, giving the character a closer resemblance to the actual DC Comics Joker.

Over the years, it has been noticed that the Joker's gloves have been given least importance and in some cases, has not been used at all. But to retain the signature purple colour, Ayer has done away with the purple suit. He replaced it with the purple gloves.

The recent picture also shows that the use of lipstick has been toned down because the stretched smile of the crown prince cannot be seen anymore. This version, as the traditional look, has an evenly-applied lipstick, and his teeth are covered with grills.

Meanwhile, what's worth a second look is the paler skin and an evenly-bleached body that has been inked all over. Perhaps this is an inspiration from Frank Miller's "Batman" story that portrayed the Joker as more of a hardened criminal type, with more muscles and tattoos covering a lot of his torso.

The Jared Leto starrer "Suicide Squad" releases on 15 August, 2016