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"Suicide Squad," the next big flick coming from the DC Universe, after "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice," is creating a buzz again with the debut of its second trailer at the MTV Movies Awards, recently. With the release of this promo, though director David Ayer has shunned all "reshoot for humour" rumours, many fans still wonder if this whole film is just a marketing gimmick for DC.

If you recall, just a few days after the release of "Batman V Superman," a buzz went viral about how Warner Bros. has requested to reshoot bits of "Suicide Squad" to add more humour and to please the audience.

The studio apparently came to this decision after the first "Suicide Squad" trailer, which contained lots of humour, received a positive response from the audience, unlike "Dawn of Justice," which was criticised for its serious tone.

Now, after the second trailer of "Suicide Squad," debuted at MTV Movies Awards, which also boasts the lighter side of the film, director David Ayer decided to slam all reports about reshoot.

The new trailer gives fans a good look at both Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and Jared Leto's joker. And finally, shows Ben Affelck's Batman get in action.

While all these rumours and speculations keep the buzz alive around "Suicide Squad," Elite Daily has reported that this film is nothing but "just a marketing campaign."

Whether it was the very first photos (Task Force X and Jared Leto Joker's first look) that were released in 2015 or a series of photo and trailer leaks, the website has listed out various reasons as to why this film is all about just marketing campaigning.

"Suicide Squad" will be released on Aug. 5, 2016.