Kannada actor Kichcha Sudeep, who is parting ways with wife Priya Radhakrishnan, says he loves his daughter Saanvi very much and the divorce will not affect his relationship with her.

Priya filed for divorce in a family court on 11 September. The news about the couple ending their 14-year-long relationship came as a rude shock to many of the actor's fans and friends in the film industry. However, he admitted that it was a mutual decision and he has agreed to give alimony worth Rs 19 crore to Priya.

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It is also reported that Saanvi's custody is expected to go to Priya with visitation rights for the actor in place. "Sudeep has agreed to pay Rs 19 crore as compensation to Priya. He even consented for Priya to have the custody of their daughter," the source told IANS.

Fans and friends of Sudeep are well aware of his love for his daughter, but the news about her custody to his wife has disappointed most of them. Some expressed concern over his relationship with her. But in a statement to The Times of India, the actor said that she is his priority.

"The divorce does not translate into any change in the way my daughter and I connect. She is very special to me. She is my only daughter and I love her very much. She is my priority and I will always be there for her," The Times of India quoted Sudeep as saying.

Priya was employed with a bank and Sudeep fell in love with her after meeting her through a common friend. He married her in 2001. His family was reportedly against the relationship. The couple welcomed their daughter in 2004. Their relationship was said to hit to rough patch in 2009.

In 2011, Priya walked out of his family home along with her daughter, but Sudeep maintained a cordial relationship with her. In 2013, he even helped her to set up an event management company named '360 Stage', which is doing good business.