Kiccha Sudeep has penned an emotional letter over the death over Puneeth Rajkumar. The former has opened up about his meeting with Appu, his equation and his feelings on seeing the Power Star on his deathbed.

Sudeep with Puneeth Rajkumar
Sudeep with Puneeth Rajkumar.PR Handout

Sudeep's Letter
In the letter with the headline – A Born Star. He writes, "It's been a journey from childhood . He was already a Star when I first met him at Shimoga ( Shivamogga ) . He was on a successful tour of " Bhagyavantha " which was a monstrous hit . Since my father was a familiar name amongst the film people , Puneeth was brought home by his people for lunch post his theater visit . It was then I first met him and probably the age factor made us hit it off instantly . He was more curious about my toys than the huge lunch spread . I still remember the lady running behind him with the plate trying to feed him while He and I were busy playing Seeing him excited. making me all the more excited. [sic]"

Appu was a Great Competitor
He adds, "My neighbour's and the kids around had gathered all around our house , because it wasn't just any other kid on the block .... It was Puneeth , the new star kid and son of the legend Dr. Rajkumar , We have met a few times Com then and went on to become colleagues of the same fraternity . Not just a friend anymore , he was a great competitor too . A fabulous actor , dancer , fighter and a great guy . I have enjoyed this competition as it did make me deliver my best . I'm happy and honoured to have come for the same generation of actors as him. [sic]"

Puneeth Rajkumar's Raajakumara
Puneeth Rajkumar.PR Handout

Sharing his pain and shock over Appu's death, he said, "Film Industry looks incomplete today . A dark patch . Time looks cruel . The place looks sad . Yesterday seemed like , the nature too was mourning and crying . A dull day ,, gloom with dark clouds and drizzling . I landed at Bengaluru and headed to where he was kept , my breath started becoming heavier ,, as I was approaching reality which i hadn't yet accepted . Seeing him sleeping that was was like a mountain on everyone's chest . Too many questions and too many thoughts . Why , How !!!! For the first time I couldn't breath normally . Here was a colleague , a friend , who was where he shouldn't have been . I couldn't look at him for long . That sight is still haunting me."

Abhinaya Chakravarthy then explains about his conversation with Shivaraj Kumar. He added, "Seeing Shivanna in that state was further hurting . He said a line to me . He said " He ( Puneeth ) is 13 years younger to me ,, I have carried him in these arms . Have seen enough till now , What more am I destined to see These lines are echoing till now Every one is shocked , hurt and devastated . It will take a long time for everyone to accept this . And even if we all did , a place is left empty . A place no one can fill . A place which belonged to only one great Human ,, " PUNEETH " .... our beloved " APPU " . Go in Peace , REST IN POWER my friend."

Puneeth Rajkumar, who was one of the biggest stars of Sandalwood, passed away on Friday after suffering a cardiac arrest. He was 48 and survived by wife and two daughters.

His final rites will be performed with full state honours on Sunday.