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Sudeep speaks about his friendship with Darshan on Zee TV Kannada Facebook Page

Sudeep and Darshan, who were very close friends at one point of time, do not reportedly share the same bond now. A small issue separated them and this made the Challenging star to unfollow Kiccha on Twitter.

Well, it appears like Sudeep took the first step towards breaking the ice as he spoke about his friendship with Darshan on "Weekend with Ramesh" Season 2. Zee TV Kannada posted a promo video in which Kiccha is seen saying that he wants to hug Darshan on stage. "I am still your friend and I will always be your friend," the "Huccha" actor says in the video.

The final episode of "Weekend with Ramesh 2" was shot last week and it will be aired this weekend. Sudeep is believed to have spoken about his life journey, his success and failures, friends and his wife Priya.

It has to be noted that Sudeep and Priya have applied for divorce, but it has not stopped him from thanking her for being his strength all these years.

After shooting the show, Sudeep also thanked Ramesh Aravind on Twitter. He tweeted, "Thanks Ramesh Arvind sir n Zee TV kannada fr this wonderful day .. A day jus got beautiful cz of u all,, cheers n congrats on WWR's success. It was a grt moment to see my old frnz frm school,college n my teacher.Wish there was a time machine wch cld jus take me back to those times."

"It was very sweet tat soo many frm th industry came over to wish personally n a few to send thier video bytes .... can only say THANKS : ). And to all those frnz who were present at the studio th entire day cheering,,laughing n clapping,,,,,loadsssaaaaa luv to ech one of u," Sudeep wrote.