Actor Kiccha Sudeep is going through a difficult situation with his marriage heading for divorce. On Friday, 11 September, he filed for divorce from his wife Priya at a family court in Bengaluru.

As per Udayavani, the marriage has been on the rocks for several years. Priya has been staying in a separate house for the last five years. The couple had sought separation earlier, but delayed it as it would have impacted Sudeep's career.

The actor took to Twitter to thank media and his fans for not blowing up the issue out of proportion. However, a tweet in the series of posts has drawn attention as he has thanked the people who are responsible for the break up. It has also led to a lot of speculation about the identity of those responsible for the separation.

Below, we bring you the series of tweets posted by him. The highlighted tweet is the one, which has caught the media attention:

First Tweet: Things go right n things go wrong..tats's a time I need fr myslf n my family..All i ask for at this moment is a time for myslf .

Second Tweet: I understand th concern n curiosity..All i can say is we all are here to teach as well learn..I'm happy about th support n luv tats comin in

Third Tweet: I also thank media for not blowing it outta propotion..probably tats th luv n respect I hv earned n u have shown.. tnx once again.

Fourth Tweet: It's a family affair n I appreciate all fr giving me tat space .. loads of love and respect... shal be wth u all soon ...

Fifth Tweet: And to all those who r responsible fr me to see this day,,,,tnx a ton :) .. stay happy n blessed... I wsh only good to all.

Sixth Tweet: Spoke to as many channels n press as possible cz I dont wish to hide or run away.. as for those to whom I cldnt spk to...apologies..

Seventh Tweet: I stil hv lots to complete amidst this situatuon as i hv given my word..Need to keep up my word.u all tc n stay blessd.Shl be wth u all soon

Eighth Tweet: Tnx fr all th support,wshs n luv..tats all my family needs nw..Every tweet means a lot.. tnx for being understanding n fr th support.

Kiccha Sudeep and Kerala-based Priya Radhakrishnan married in 2001 after being in love for some years. They have a 11-year old daughter, Saanvi.