The Twitter Handle of Fake Suchitra Karthik's Account
A screen shot of fake Suchitra Karthik's account.Twitter

The South Indian film industry in general and Kollywood, in particular, was in a state of shock last year when some controversial photos and videos of celebrities were leaked with hashtag #SuchiLeaks'. Now, it is again creating tremors as some Twitter handles have claimed that they will leak scandalous content of top celebrities.

It had all started with a post from singer Suchitra Karthik's Twitter account accusing Dhanush and Simbu of assaulting her. A few photos were also released to justify her claims. Initially, people ignored the issue believing that it was yet another case of an account of a celebrity being hacked.

Her husband Karthik then claimed that her account had been hacked and was later retrieved, but what followed shocked the entire industry. The tweets opened a can of worms with scandalous allegations being made on celebrities, with Dhanush being the prime target.

Sanchita Shetty, singer Chinmayi, Hansika Motwani and many others were dragged into the controversy. Later, the issue died down, but several Twitter handles associating with Suchi remained active.

Now, the issue is once again creating noise on social media as some Twitter handles are promising to leak controversial videos of celebrities. However, on observing closely, those handles are actually posting the videos of adult stars and has been deceiving followers on social media sites.