substitute teacher has sex with football player student on first day at school
Substitute teacher has sex with student on first day at school     screenshot/YouTube

There are a lot of ways to ruin your first day at work, especially when you are a teacher. And getting to third base with one of your students is probably one of the most dim-witted ways on the list.

Symone Greene, a 22-year-old substitute teacher in DC, has been accused of having sex with a student, just a few hours into her first day at school, reports NBC. While working, albeit for a very short time, at the Options Public Charter School in Northeast DC, Greene met and interacted with one of the students - a 17-year-old football player.

In the course of the flirtatious relationship that ensued via text messages, the victim asked Greene if she was "kinky", to which she replied: "I don't tell [;] I show". Fortunately or unfortunately, the duo had the perfect opportunity to follow through with their sexual fantasies, as it was the day of pep rally at school.

The victim allegedly asked his teacher to perform oral sex on him the same number of times as his jersey, and recorded her in action as she did so. Greene had requested the student to keep their sexual act a secret but he shared the video with his teammates and a childhood friend.

According to the Washington Post, Greene and the football player shared the following messages (excerpts) once the victim found out that she was on the police radar:

Defendant to victim: Why is the police calling me?

Victim to defendant: U think it about us in classroom

Defendant to victim: Yes I'm scared. Did U tell?

Defendant to victim: I'm gonna say u came on [sic] the classroom and talked to me all day and helped with ur resume

Victim to defendant: Ok

Defendant to victim: Please SAY what I told U too

Victim to defendant: Ok u help with my resume that it right

Defendant to victim: Yes that's all

Victim to defendant: K I'll just say dat

Greene has now been charged with first-degree sexual assault against a minor in a significant relationship.

Although the age of consent in DC is 16, Greene was charged with sexual assault as she is the teen's teacher, and the age of consent rules do not apply when it comes to "significant relationships", including the one between a teacher and a student.