Director Harish Shankar's "Subramanyam for Sale" (SFS), starring Sai Dharam Tej and Regina Cassandra in the lead roles, has garnered positive reviews from the audience around the world.

"Subramanyam for Sale" is a family entertainer, which is high on romance and action quotient. Sai Dharam Tej has played male lead, while Regina Cassandra and Adah Sharma appear as his love interest. Nagababu, Kota Srinivas Rao, Rao Ramesh, Prathvi, Prabhas Sreenu, Brahmanandam, Suman and Pragathy are in supporting cast.

The movie has been written and directed by "Gabbar Singh" fame Harish Shankar and produced by Dil Raju under his banner Sri Venkateswara Creations. Mickey J Meyer has composed music for the movie. The audience, who has watched "Subramanyam For Sale", say that the film has decent production values and Mickey's soundtracks are the major attraction in the technical front.

"Subramanyam for Sale" has a routine story, but the director has created an engrossing screenplay for it. The movie is very entertaining, but its climax could have been better. Sai Dharam Tej and Ragina Cassandra's amazing chemistry and Harish Shankar's punch dialogues are the main highlights of the film, add the viewers.

We bring to you some viewers' verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Here is the live update of 'Subramanyam for Sale' (SFS) movie review by audience.

Idlebrain jeevi ‏@idlebrainjeevi

Second half of #SubramanyamForSale has nice entertainment. It has potential to work at box office. Lot of fun for mega, power fans! Sai Dharam Tej dimpesadu chiru steps in Guvva Gorinkatho. Regina movements are fluid in aish karenge song! Director @harish2you corrects his 2nd half mistake of Ramayya Vastavayya by injecting good entertainment in #SubramanyamForSale 2nd half

Nitin Chakravarthy ‏@Nitinreddy1111

Saw #SubramanyamForSale . @harish2you is back...A good entertainer despite some inconsistencies..SuperHit @IamSaiDharamTej @ReginaCassandra #SubramanyamForSale keeps u entertained to the fullest with its proceedings.Both @IamSaiDharamTej & @harish2you have a winner in their hands Downside, the basic plot of the film is just a rehashed version of JabWeMet #SubramanyamForSale Fish Venkat is just brilliant..He has got good comedy timing...Show stealer #SubramanyamForSale No other director can satisfy fans asmuch as @harish2you does. Best example is d introductionEpisode of @IamSaiDharamTej #SubramanyamForSale @harish2you who generally falters during 2nd halves in his films has surprisingly scored well dis tym with d 2nd half of #SubramanyamForSale

Movie Buff ‏@MovieBuffff

#SubramanyamForSale is a decent entertainer. Good 1st half, @IamSaiDharamTej, @harish2you's dialogues n songs are plus. #SubramanyamForSale overdose of emotional scenes in climax n as usual villains ni bafoons cheyatam workout avaledu. BO success pakka.

Pradeep ‏@trulypradeep

#SubramanyamForSale is entertaining. @IamSaiDharamTej - Next STAR from Mega family. Performance.. EASE.. ROCKED.. And @harish2you Dialogues

Surendra K Naidu ‏@Surendraknaidu

#SubramanyamForSale rom-com with family entertainer features. Sai Dharam Tej rocks with dance, comic timing. Lead pair surprises. #SubramanyamForSale Guvva gorinkatho raises the roof. A sure hit.

Mahadev ‏@im_mahadev

#SubramanyamForSale - I thoroughly Enjoyed it..! Superb entertainer from @harish2you . Congrats to Team. @IamSaiDharamTej @SVC_official


#SubramanyamForSale .. Entertaining 1st half .. Bagundamma #SubramanyamForSale is good and entertaining .. @IamSaiDharamTej and @harish2you ki maro HIT cinema

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

INTERVAL Bang bagundi 1st half is Entertaining all the way! #SaiDharamTej is a STAR Lead Pair chemistry is good #SubramanyamForSale Done!! Climax could have been better. Overall a Harish Shankar mark Energetic Entertainer. Hittu bomma #SubramanyamForSale #SDT 3.25/5

YATHI™ ‏@ursyathi

#SubramanyamForSale 1st half done. very good as of now, @IamSaiDharamTej iragatheesadu. @harish2you dialogues superb. Interval shots #SubramanyamForSale - Paisa Vasool family entertainer from @harish2you

RK ‏@chvrkraju

Guvva gorinkatho song .. Best part of the movie so far .. Superb #SubramanyamForSale Second half bagundi so far .. Fish venkat kummedu .. Pre climax slow ga padukobedathannadu Climax .. Can nottt .. _/_ All together .. One time watch .. Songs bagunnai .. #SubramanyamForSale SDT dance movements bagunnai .. Dlgs lo inka timing improve avvali .. through out movie PK ni baga imitate chesedu #SubramanyamForSale

Sai-Ramcharan ‏@sai2vts

Interval fight ok..OK first half with sdts energetic performance, few comedy bits and of course mega mark dances 2 half HARISH mark entertainment tho kumuthundi..dialogues baga pelthunayi Time pass entertainer..HARISH Shankar back on track.. Sdt kumesadu #SubramanyamForSale

Man of letters ‏@Saikiran_jalsa

#SubramanyamForSale is fun filled family entertainer ..SDT Rocked it !!! @harish2you Back to form !! Fish venkat comedy highlight

ॐ Deepak ‏@DeepakKodela

Telugante song Superb. #SubramanyamForSale #SFS Entertaining 1st Half. Decent one so far. #SFS #SubramanyamForSale Srinu Vaitla Formula lo Harish Shankar cinema. Perfect birthday gift Climax vachesariki automaticga sudden ga maripotharu antha with a single scene #SubramanyamForSale Decent watchable movie

Sharrath Marar ‏@sharrath_marar

#SubramanyamForSale is an out and out entertainer. A sure shot Super Hit !!! @IamSaiDharamTej @harish2you Dil Raju.. Congratulations !!!

AnjaN ‏@AnjaniAries

Excellent Second Half with Perfect Emotions and Songs n Dialouges #SubramanyamForSale Whole Some Family Entertainer .:-) :-) Fish Venkat n his batch Scenes Hilarious with Latest English Dialouges and Watsapp Shot Ayitey Rachaaa #SubramanyamForSale

Naga Chaitanya ‏@chetan444

#SubramanyamForSale : awesome mve. .superb dance. .superb punch dialogues. .@IamSaiDharamTej . .✌

Sankar Tanguturi ‏@stanguturi

Thanks @harish2you anna for delivering a perfect commercial to our supereme @IamSaiDharamTej #SubramanyamForSale No need to visit #skywalk in #GrandCanyon Just watch #SubramanyamForSale 4 d awesome view in Guvva Gorinka tho song. Thanks @harish2you The new type of screenplay defined by @harish2you in #SubramanyamForSale will make the audience come to the theaters again and again... After watching the first half of #SubramanyamForSale, people will get a feeling of completing entire US tour in 60 minutes.

TeluguCinemaLover ‏@praveenindya

@harish2you watched #SubramanyamForSale in bay area..nice movie sir..2nd half awesome...congrats to the whole team.. apple aavakaay..superr

Praneeth palety ‏@praneethpalety

@harish2you sir,just watched subramanyam for sale premiere in is really good. It's a laugh riot. #SubramanyamForSale

Kishorchatraga1 ‏@Kishorchatraga1

#subramanyamforsale _strictly average @iamsaidharmatej performance OK, emotional scenes worst, bgm worst

MINNU ‏@imVkohl1

Guvva songs keka,HS rocks #SFS Passable 1st half , Enjoyable 2nd half #SubramanyamForSale bagundi

Chaitzzz ‏@cz516 18m18

Passable First Half #SubramanyamForSale could have been better. Solid.Entertaining.Paisa Vasool.Harish Shankar mark Second Half. #SubramanyamForSale ☆☆☆ Kota Srinivas rao death episode , HILARIOUS #SubramanyamForSale

Venky-pawan ‏@sai_9010

overall hittu bomma ..manchi entertainment ichadu harish,,,sdt rocks with dance and fights. climax okkati letdown #SubramanyamForSale

Sharath Sai ‏@SharathsaiH

Below avg first half. Harish shankar only direction meeda conc chesthe better antunaru ma team #SubramanyamForSale #SubramanyamForSale songs vintunte bagunnai. #MickeyMass bagundi kotthaga.

Nikhil Kumar ‏@nikvenk

#SubramanyamForSale is Out n Out Comedy entertainer, Definately it will be turning point for @IamSaiDharamTej n @ReginaCassandra. 3.5/5 :)

Hemanth Kumar C R ‏@crhemanth

#SubramanyamForSale is good fun... @IamSaiDharamTej @ReginaCassandra make an amazing pair...and Tej is a star in the making 'Fish' Venkat was hilarious in #SubramanyamForSale ....WhatsApp ante teliyadha? What theeee....

Shrinu Nakka ‏@Imshri09

Halfway through #SubramanyamForSale ... Offered superb entertainment so far... Surprised to see 'Supreme Hero' sobriquet :)

Betraai saami Devuda ‏@kalyan_jaya

Entertaining firstoff, SDT ki driving seat icchi pakka seatlo harishankar Acceslator nokki PATKONI Lakkoni eltunnadu.. #SubramanyamForSale Tirupati to hyd journey happy ga jarigi.. Inko ten kms cheripoye tym ki Tyre puncher la e over dose climax emotion #SubramanyamForSale

Avad's ‏@avadsays

@ReginaCassandra is gorgeous, massy, lovable and a class apart in #SubramanyamForSale Watch out for this next big superstar of Tollywood

Suresh Kondi ‏@V6_Suresh

Enjoyed the First half.. Good.. #SFS is very well handled commercial entertainer.Liked @harish2you's dialogues,Taking.@IamSaiDharamTej Just Rocked with his Performance.#HIT @ReginaCassandra Performance is too good and She looks beautiful..Music,Cinematography are Good..Go and Watch.#SubramanyamForSale

Pawankalyan ‏@PakkaPKfan

#SubramanyamForSale is Out n Out Comedy entertainer.2nd half superuu

AHITEJA ‏@ahiteja666

#SubramanyamForSale -likd it Commercial Entertainer.Come back film for @harish2you & Our @IamSaiDharamTej carried out wth ease.Way to Go!!

Bhaskar Jonna ‏@jonnabhaskar

2nd half started on a positive note.. GuvvaGorinka song is with awesome picturazation #SubramanyamForSale Last 20 mins baledhu.. Overall gaa one time watch.. Commercially BE avtadhi.. @IamSaiDharamTej is here to STAY #SubramanyamForSale

DineshCh ‏@SfsDinesh

One time watchable #SubramanyamForSale. 1st hlf gud vth nyc elevations for an upcmng hero n routine 2nd hlf.

KP ‏@abhilashreddykp

Watched #SubramanyamForSale.One thing makes clear @IamSaiDharamTej is on d way to become SUPREME STAR.wth his acting tkn d film 2 nxt level