Aiana Jain
Aiana Jain

Aiana Jain is a popular style coach, travel blogger and a fantastic speaker. For her, blogging began a platform for style advice through which she wanted to reach out to many people and share her learnings and observations as a Style Coach.

She has an extensive experience in Advertising, Branding and Media. Her love for fashion is unparalleled and it also became her profession.

Because of her passion and great understanding of fashion, people around her would always ask for style advice. That's how style coaching came naturally to Aiana.

About her work, Aiana said, "I am a style coach who keeps it real. Fashion for me is not just limited to special occasions and specific people, and I feel that there is no easier way to express yourself than through the clothes you wear. The way you dress is an unspoken language about letting people know who you are."

As a Style Coach ,Aiana Jain aims of helping people in understanding tools to enhance their personalities further, help them look fabulous and confident about themselves. She wants to make sure they also stay true to themselves with the way they choose to style themselves.

Jain has worked as a Senior Consultant for Fashion & Trends with a leading women's wear brand.

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