Strings Mobile App Allows Users To Delete Sent Messages, Photos, Videos From Recipients' Device
Strings iOS App Gives Complete Control Over Shared InformationiTunes

Ever wished to take back the messages or images shared with your friends? Everyone makes mistakes and now there is a way to undo them. Strings, a new iOS mobile app, can help you delete sent messages from the recipients' device even after they have read them. Not just the messages, String gives you complete control over all kinds of data shared between two users, such as images, videos and emails.

In order to take advantage of these new features, both the users must have the Strings app installed on their iPhones. While the concept of Strings is strikingly similar to the ephemeral messaging idea adopted by apps like Snapchat and photo-sharing apps like Cluster, the new iOS app draws an entirely new angle that is not seen in other services.

In Snapchat, messages disappear after they are shared with other users and Cluster users have the ability to download photos to their phones. However, in Strings, recipients cannot save a photo unless the sender authorises it. Smart heads can try to take screenshots but Strings will detect the act and suspend the account after three screenshots.

"This app marries the desire to share but also have the choice to keep or erase the evidence on their device later," TechCrunch noted.

Strings also guarantees that the content deleted from users' phone gets permanently deleted from Strings servers immediately. This feature makes it a suitable choice for those who are concerned over their privacy, which is presumably a large number given the recent hacks into iCloud and Snapchat.

As per the app's description on iTunes, if a user deletes an account with Strings all data related to that user is also gone. The app is currently available for iOS devices and is free to use. There are no adverts so users will get a premium service at no cost.