Street Outlaws season 5
Street Outlaws season 5Facebook/ Street Outlaws

Discovery's popular reality show "Street Outlaws" comes back with season 5, which will be aired from Monday, 18 May. The two-hour special episode starting at 10.00 pm (EST), "Street Outlaws" will be featured back on Discovery's "Motor Mondays".

Tagged as the top cable programme among men, the reality series, explores the underground street racing scene in the US. Street racing is life itself for these competitors and at the end of the day, they would rather be hurt, jailed and on top, than be safe.

In fact, Israel "Izzy" Valenzuela who appeared in "Street Outlaws" was arrested in March for the death of two bystanders, Eric Siguenza, 26, and Wilson Thomas Wong, 50, after a street racing accident in Southern California, shortly after the NHRA threatened to cancel the racing licenses of anyone participating in the show. 

What makes the show interesting is not just unabashed racing, but also the smack talks, pranks and other "red-neck antics". However, Big Chief and the 405, who lost the last season, have accepted their defeat gracefully and are hoping to redeem themselves in season 5.

Season 5 of "Street Outlaws" will see the 405 trying to make up for their humiliating loss in season 4 and claim back the title of '#1' racers in the US. Watch out for the two-hour premiere episodes on 18 May, Monday at 10.00 pm (EST).