There are not many fighting games around, at the moment. The ones that are, though, have been there since time immemorial – stuff like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter. Currently, we are dealing with the upcoming Street Fighter 5, which is said to offer a considerable upgrade over the previous Street Fighter 4.

As you may expect, a host of changes are coming for the new game that will stand apart from all the Street Fighter titles of the past. If you are still wondering, here's a look at the changes that fans can expect from Street Fighter 5 over Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter 5 Vs Street Fighter 4 

On an overall, there aren't many differences around for the new SF title mostly, since the developer wanted to keep things as simple as possible for fans. Like SF4, SF5 also maintains the V-Trigger system, alongside a Super Meter. If you have played Street Fighter 4, chances are you will have no trouble mastering Street Fighter 5.

Each of the Street Fighter games of the past has been known for the ease of play factor. In fact, they even say that all you need to do is grab a controller and the game will work out just fine. And keeping to the code, Street Fighter 5 is set to offer that ease of play factor just like Street Fighter 4. We might even go the extent of saying SF5 will be easier to play than SF4.

Plus, for the new game, players also won't have to worry about Focus Attack Dash Cancels (FADCs) or any of the more previously found laborious attacks and combos.

As far as in-game fighters are concerned, Street Fighter 5 is said to start off with 16 major characters in the roster. During the time when Street Fighter 4 has been around, the game initially ended up with 44 characters. The same is expected from SF5, with new characters being added over time.

While Street Fighter 5 will maintain the age-old policy of the series and will be easier to play, it hardly means it will be easier to master. Sure, you may have been a pro when it came down to Street Fighter 4, but for Street Fighter 5 things will start getting serious once more.

For the new game, fans will be required to pull off three-frame links (for the hardest combos) to hit the opponent, and that is still easier than what Street Fighter 4 had in store. However, aspects such as invincibility via back dash won't be around for the new game, and fans can expect tougher resistance in tight situations.

Stay tuned for more updates!

[Source: Prima Games]