Not long ago, during the Ultra Street Fighter 4 top eight finals at the Evolution 2015 fighting game championships, Capcom decided to treat its massive 180,000 online fans and 9,000 spectators by offering a glimpse at an upcoming fighter set to grace the game's roster.

And in case you are still not aware about it, the mysterious character teased at the end of the Ken reveal trailer is actually the first new fighter to be included in Street Fighter 5. His name is Necalli and he is the first of four brand new characters that will be made available with Street Fighter 5 early next year.

However, while Necalli has indeed been confirmed, there's still some time left before you can officially play him in the game. But before he comes around into the roster, let's take a look at Necalli and the moves that the fighter will have when he finally arrives.

Street Fighter 5 – Identifying Necalli

  • From a closer view, it seems like Necalli resembles Blanka a lot, not only in his moves, but even how he looks. From what we can gather, this guy is basically a version of Evil Ryu, while borrowing bits and parts from C. Viper.
  • As it seems, Necalli is mainly a close-range fighter. While most of his attacks are quite hard-hitting, they lack range. He has a dedicated grappling attack, parts of which, again, have been borrowed from C. Viper.
  • In fact, Necalli's V-Skill is almost similar to that of C. Viper's Seismic Hammer. However, Necalli has access to Culminated Power to attack opponents closer to him, both mid-screen and across the screen. Necalli also has the same kind of power cancellation option as that of Viper.
  • Apart from that, Necalli's V-Trigger is called Torrent of Power, but is a limited time stance, compared to a typical V-Trigger. Once the power is activated, Necalli's hair will alter and he will gain new attacks and combos; even gaining a new critical art super move.

As of now, details about Necalli are few and far. However, it won't be long before Capcom decides to shed a bit more light on the character and his powers, as we race towards the final release of the game early next year.

Stay tuned for more updates. 

[Source: Prima Games]