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If you like hand-to-hand combat games and enjoyed all all your life the likes of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, the arrival of the brand new Street Fighter 5 should trigger a wave of excitement in you. The new game has not only retained its old faces but has also added a host of new ones.

Talking of retaining old characters, classic Street Fighter fans will be happy to know that Ryu still commands a place in the roster. Appearing as one of the most iconic mascots for the series over the years, Ryu has been treated with several new moves set for the new game.

So, if you are indeed wondering about the kind of changes implemented for Ryu in Street Fighter 5, here's a quick look at how to play as Ryu in the game.

Street Fighter 5: Ryu Guide

Ryu Special Moves

  • As you might expect, Ryu has retained most of his trademark moves from the previous games in the series. Ryu will have access to his usual Hadoken fireball, Shoryuken Dragon Punch and Tatsumaki Senpukyaku Hurricane Kick.
  • The Dragon Punch's invincibility level has been reduced. This means that without the ability to Focus Cancel, things can get a bit trickier for players.
  • The Hurricane Kick is still available and can be performed on the ground or in the air, although the cross-up Air Hurricane Kick is out of the context. However, not throwing the Air Hurricane Kick in time could expose Ryu to danger.

Ryu Critical Art

  • Ryu's Critical Art hasn't been tweaked much and has been retained for Street Fighter 5. You will find that the Shinku Hadoken is a super version of Ryu's normal fireball, and it will travel faster and inflict more damage on the opponent.
  • The Shinku Hadoken can be used to counter certain blocked attacks, and you can even just hold onto your full super meter before deciding on unleashing it. Apart from that, Ryu can get pretty aggressive owing to the new stun system.

Ryu V-Trigger Moves

  • Ryu's V-Trigger skill is that he can parry attacks, and is very similar to what he did in Street Fighter 3: Third Strike. As far as your timing remains precise, you can parry as many attacks as you want.
  • Note that as soon as Ryu's V-Trigger gauge is full, he will be able to activate it and access the Denjin Renki fireball from Third Strike. You can also charge up the fireball, it will travel faster than Ryu's normal Haduken fireball.
  • The EX version of it also charges very quickly, and if your opponent doesn't guess correctly what's coming at him or her, the Denji will penetrate everything and inflict as much damage as you can think of.

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[Source: Prima Games]