Street Fighter 5 is an upcoming fighting video game from developer Capcom that is reported to be releasing sometime in 2016. Street Fighter 5 will be coming on PS4 and PC.

Fans have found through data mining, the game audio files of the upcoming Street Fighter 5 game that reveal six DLC characters. These characters were not announced previously.

Those interested can head to Shoryuken, a fan site for access to these audio files. Below is the list of six DLC characters that have been revealed:

  1. Guile â€“ is the mainstay of the series and charge character from Street Fighter 2.
  2. Balrog AKA Boxer
  3. Ibuki - Originally from Street Figher 3, Ibuki also appeared in Street Fighter 4.
  4. Juri - debut character in Street Fighter 4
  5. Alex - A Street Fighter 3 grappler who hasn't shown up in any other games so far.
  6. Urien â€“ is from Street Fighter 3

The files contain an announcer who reveals the names of these people. Gameranx noted that one of the most popular characters from the franchise was Akuma but there is no mention of him. It could be made available some time in 2017 or as a secret unlockable.

Recently, at the Paris Games Week, Yoshinori Ono, producer of Street Fighter, had teased six new DLC characters. These characters would be available either as microtransactions or through gameplay. It has been confirmed that the Street Fighter 5 DLC will be free of cost.