In a post put up on Twitter, a Kashmiri journalist and writer, who is also a social activist, has alleged that the Jammu and Kashmir administration or the government has turned a deaf ear towards the stranded migrants and students, etc, from J&K state. It has been alleged that these people are paying from their own pockets to reach their homes and the government is taking all due credit without moving a finger.

One of the Tweets said that the stranded people from J&K had to pay over a lakh of rupees for reaching a railway station in Andhra Pradesh in order to board trains.

The Tweet making the claims

The Tweet read, "Complete Mismanagement by the team of NOs (nodal officers), for the evacuation of stranded people of J&K across the country. Labourers had to take a loan of 1,82,000 to reach a railway station in Andhra Pradesh. Despite this loan, there is still no hope whether they will reach home or not."

Tweets posted by Nasir Kuhehami stated that the people who boarded the buses were informed late evening and this speaks about a lack of coordination and mismanagement by nodal officers. He stated that, "That's how they work. They have to travel 550Kms to reach the railway station and they have been travelling since hours, but are yet to reach Secundrabad Railway station in Hyderabad."

Kashmiris travelling from Delhi

The user further attached a list of students who were stranded in Uttarakhand and he said that the J&K administration has been paying no heed towards the ones who are stranded elsewhere.

"This is not the first time; here I am attaching a screen shot of another evacuation from Uttrakhand State. They mentioned that total number of 181 students, labourers who are stranded. They have registered, but J&K administration seems unaware and care less."

He further said that there were over 1500 People from Jammu and Kashmir who were stranded and were evacuated by volunteer groups and paid for their travel from their own pockets. "Shamelessly PMO Jitendra Singh claimed that move as evacuated by the Govt. Attaching another snapshot," he added.

Kashmiris travelling to a railway station in Hyderabad

Similar pictures in which people are seen travelling in buses have been posted stating that the buses are coming from Almora and Chamoli districts and some buses from Delhi for which no help has come in from the Govt and people are fending for themselves.