Kenya Airports
Kenya Airways flight.Reuters

A body of a man suspected to be a stowaway was found in a London garden on Sunday. It is believed that the man fell from a plane heading to Heathrow Airport.

London's Metropolitan Police investigation confirmed that the man fell from a landing gear compartment of a Kenya Airways flight from Nairobi. After the plane landed, a bag, water and some food were found in the landing gear area of the aircraft.

It is reported that that body of the individual fell few metres away from a resident who was sunbathing in the garden.

BBC report that that the resident was "shaken" after the witnessing the unfortunate sight.

The neighbour of the resident revealed that he saw "blood all over the walls of the garden" after a sound of hitting the ground by force was heard. 

According to the police statement, the police responded to the call from Offerton Road in the south London neighbourhood of Clapham at 3.39 pm after the resident claimed "a body was discovered in a garden," CNN reported.

Police stated the man is not yet identified and the post-mortem examination will be conducted. The death is also not being treated as suspicious.

Kenya Airways said the aircraft was inspected and no damage was reported.

Who is a stowaway?

A stowaway is an individual who illegally hides in a vehicle (ship, aircraft, train, cargo, truck or bus) in order to avoid paying for the travel.