Chintan k Patel

Did you hear the story of Chintan k Patel? Well, if you have not heard of it yet, here it is. The nickname for him which is quite common on the internet platform. The nickname is chin10. The young man, 24 years old, has accomplished several things which are not expected from a person of his age. The young man has his birthday on 7th April. It is not known to many people, but he was born in Navsari as his home city. Currently, he lives in Chicago Illinois

As A Popular Figure

He is a popular figure of Instagram. He is a famous Instagram influencer who has found his way to success with his show, named chin10. He makes sure that the fashionable outfits designed by him are enjoyed on the screen by his fans. He also makes some discussions on the Instagram Platform along with his Instagram handle. There are some of his fans who have made several fan pages in order to celebrate his success on the screen.

Interesting Life Of chin10

Most of his fans love to watch him try on different outfits. His hairstyle has become quite famous over the last few days. He has a higher number of followers on social media accounts. He is quite active on the youtube platform. He has more than 1.22k subscribers on the YouTube Platform.
Well, this is no small achievement for a man of his age who has started his way on the social media places with equal weightage in words and opinion. It is needless to say that most of the fans are impressed by his work.

Net Worth

The net worth of this gentleman with a huge amount of followers is almost $N/A He is single and nothing has been heard about his girlfriend. It is possible that he is looking out for his better half throughout the world. He takes an active interest in the fields like swimming, singing, and travelling.

The young man is active in terms of reading and other such activities. He is also a foodie who loves to experiment in terms of work and food in his real life!

Follow up

He has worked for the success he has received till now. He has often shared some very inspirational quotes on social media platforms. There are several people who have found his blogs have made an effort to change their lives. As a result, he will continue to impress fans all over the world.