It's getting to all of us, isn't it? This lockdown? If it's not getting to you, probably you're doing something we aren't. Whatever it is, the situation is not something we can do anything about. So chin up and move on. Still, complaining isn't a crime, right?

Kubbra Sait though is done with the constant chatter about the lockdown. She believes why whine about something that isn't going to change. To each their own.

Kubbra Sait

Kubbra Sait is done with people whining about the lockdown

We understand that the lockdown is frustrating. Nobody would disagree with that. Still, how much complaining is too much? Bollywood actress Kubbra Sait feels people should stop whining about the lockdown, and says it's not in your control so "just chill out".

"Stop whining about the lockdown, it makes no sense. It is not in your control. So please stop whining, it is not going to change if you whine a little more or little less today so just chill out," Kubbra said during a candid virtual chat with Kusha Kapila in the show Go Fun Yourself. The actress further said, "I think, let us just accept what's happening right now. I know it is an old cliche, but it works especially in the times that we are in right now."

Kubbra Sait
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Talking about how her habit changed during the lockdown period, she said, "The thing is that I used to hate brushing, I always felt I have no time to brush my teeth. I used to be like who is going to spend five extra minutes to brush their teeth. So yeah, now I brush like 3 to 4 times a day and I am very proud of myself. I hope my dentist would be just as proud of me." Go Fun Yourself streams on Voot. Recently, Kubbra was seen in Voot Select's legal drama Illegal and is known for her performance in the popular Netflix series, Sacred Games.