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Bihar's Director General of Police Gupteshwar Pandey left no stone unturned in embarrassing the administration on how most wanted gangster Vikas Dubey managed to escape his arrest despite several murders. He vehemently criticised the inaction against Dubey who killed 8 policemen in Kanpur. Moreover, he also slammed people who are glorifying history-sheeter Dubey as "lion of Brahmins".

DGP Pandey further asked, "Should we offer prayers to him? It is a shame that such a dreaded criminal has not been nabbed even after killing 8 policemen. Will he survive this time as well?" DGP Pandey's statement is making rounds on social media.

Dubey is criminal

It is to be noted that the Bihar Police have also gone on high alert to nab Vikas Dubey who fled along with his associates after brutally killing 8 policemen including a DSP in Kanpur on Friday night. Director-General of Bihar Police Gupteshwar Pandey said on Tuesday that if he tries to sneak into Bihar, Dubey will be caught as all the district police adjoining UP have been alerted.

Vikas Dubey
Terrorist VIkas DubeyCredit:Twitter

Calling Dubey a coward, DGP Pandey added, "He has committed a crime for which he will have to face law and punishment. Criminals have no caste. They are antisocial and must be socially boycotted. If Dubey enters Bihar, the wing of our police and STF are vigilant to arrest him."

A visibly angry Pandey further added, "People have been worshipping members of their own caste who have committed rape, murder, and heinous crime as heroes. This is how you encourage the culture of crime." There has been more than 5 days and Vikas Dubey is yet to be arrested by the UP Police. As per his last location he is reportedly in Faridabad after checking into an Oyo room. Before the police could arrest the gangster he fled in an auto.