A powerful explosion rocked the Swedish capital on Friday, the eyewitnesses told the media.

The Independent.co.uk reported that the explosion was reported in an apartment located in the central district of Stockholm in Brannkyrkagatan street, Sodermalm at around11:40 am local time.

 The eyewitness told Expressen.se that the impact of the explosion shattered the glass windows of apartments and business establishments on Brannkyrkagatan street .

According to Russia Today, the police have cordoned off various streets around the blast site. Emergency services also at the scene.

Stockholm police later a statement said that the blast was caused by a possible gas leak. The apartment owners are "nice" people, the police said ruling out a "criminal" intent behind the blast.

Södermalm, often shortened to "Söder", is a district in central Stockholm and is a densely populated area.