Head diver Philip Chan feeding fishes
Diver Philip Chan, dressed as Santa Claus, feeds fish during Christmas festivities at the Underwater World Singapore aquarium on the island of Sentosa, December 20, 2013.Reuters

A stingray led to the death of a diver by stinging him in the chest at an aquarium called Underwater World Singapore (UWS) on Wednesday, October 5, 2016.

The name of the deceased is Philip Chan, who was 62-years-old and worked as the head diver at the UWS. Chan succumbed to death later that day because of the injuries he got during an animal transferring program.

Chan had been working in the UWS since 1991 when this aquarium was opened. He was one of the 10 staff working in the UWS aquarium as the caretaker of the animals. The animals were looked after by him till a proper shelter was found for them. The aquarium has been shut for the public post his death.

"This was a tragic accident," the UWS owning corporation called Haw Par Corporation stated, according to a report by Reuters.

The corporation also stated that they stopped the animal transfer program and helped the authorities in carrying forward the investigation.

Stingrays often use the stings present in their tail for self-defense. Australian conservationist Steve Irwin, popularly known as the "Crocodile Hunter" too lost his life after being stung by a stingray several times in the Great Barrier Reef.