As far as asymmetrical multiplayers are concerned, 2K Games' upcoming Evolve is all set to establish a kind of standard. There aren't many such asymmetrical multiplayers to talk about in recent times. And although there are few, none, we believe, can actually offer what Evolve is said to offer.

The concept of Evolve sees up to five players at any given time in the game. While four of them start off as the Hunters, one becomes the monster that's being hunted in the mix. But even though the monster is a loner, it will still be rewarded a plethora of skills to evolve into the monster the player actually wants.

In a nutshell however, Evolve is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that pits four player-controlled Hunters against an alien Monster, controlled by a fifth player. Both Hunters and Monsters can use unique abilities during the game. Moreover, the Hunters' team is always made up of four classes: a trapper, a support, a medic, and an assault class.

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With Evolve currently set for a February 2015 release, there's still enough time (or nought) for you to decide on whether or not to buy the game. As far as we see, though, the game could re-define the entire asymmetrical multiplayer scene for good. And here are reasons why we believe you should play Evolve.

You've Never Experienced Goliath
As far as checking out the monsters in Evolve is concerned, it's almost a sort of evil pleasure to find something like the Goliath in the mix. The players who will indeed choose Goliath will know that it's kind of a hybrid monster that's similar to both King Kong and Godzilla. Not only is the creature a gaudy monstrosity, it can even breathe fire and pelt huge boulders at you. This creature survives on stealth and smell, and could easily give the likes of Sam Fisher a run for their money. Remember.. Evolving is the key to survival.

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Interesting Single Player
While the single player context of the game isn't as deep as 2K's last venture Left 4 Dead, it still is enough to serve your hunger. The story starts sometime in the future when humans are exploring planets in the different solar systems. Planet Shear is what we are dealing with in Evolve that has now been colonized for about 50 years. But problems start when the hostile inhabitants of the planet go, well, more hostile. And as you might expect, this is a major concern for all the human settlers out there. Sure there's no army to deal with, but one monster may be equal to whatever you might expect from an army.

More and More New Maps
At start, Evolve will offer as many as over 12 different maps for players. While the jungle map is already out in the open, thanks to the number of gameplay videos, there's also a Dam stage that offers a setting of a dangerous ravine that's located near a hydroelectric dam. Sure there's the monster problem all along, but there are other challenges as well in each of the maps that the hunters must be aware of. For example, you will remember this post when your hunter character accidently gets caught in a vicious plant life while looking for the monster.

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The Evacuation Mode Maps Alter Depending on You
Apart from the usual cat and mouse game between the hunters and alien monster, there's also a mode called Evacuation. To be perfectly honest, the Evacuation mode is somewhat an attempt at a solid single player campaign offers a mission where you have to get the colonists out of the planet (since it's falling apart, anyway). This, in turn, brings about four consecutive, random matches to determine you get off the planet or your bones rot here. Winning or losing a map for either the hunters or the monster can alter the next map considerably. Hence, winning is absolutely vital.

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Evolution the Key
Since the game is indeed called Evolve, it doesn't really take a genius to understand that you will need to keep evolving time and again. As far as the Goliath is concerned, its evolution happens in two stages: the first level needs the monster to hunt and eat wildlife to fill up its evolution gauge. Once in the evolution mode, you will go into a sort of a cocoon for about 15 seconds. This is the time, however, you are most vulnerable as you can't move. But once out of the cocoon, you are bigger and badder than before. You can go up to level 3, but that is the time you will start getting your objectives in the open. Of course, these objectives could vary.