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If you are a Motorola user, chances are that you haven't still received the latest Android Lollipop update, and that has left you with major doubts. As it is, the Lollipop update is rolling out at a glacial pace for everyone, and Motorola users aren't any exceptions.

While the company had earlier confirmed that the first and second-generation Moto G had received their Lollipop updates in India (as was previously rumoured) and Brazil, the same hasn't been the scene for most others around the world. But why is there such an uneven flow to the entire rollout?

The latest company blog on the matter might have a few answers that you could be looking out for here. While the blog post doesn't really build up on promises or predictions of a more constant rollout, it does however try to explain why it's taking such a long time for the update to arrive.

"Though we try to make the process seem easy, it's actually pretty complicated. That's because we want to ensure a quality experience across every device that gets the upgrade. Let's do a quick recap of how a major new version of Android comes to your phone," the post reads.

The post further explains that Google has improved upon the Android release process with the new Lollipop, "which was important because Lollipop is the biggest and most ambitious release of Android ever."

"Everyone needed time to adapt. Several developer previews were released early so that developers—and device and chipset manufacturers that are part of the early access program—could kick the tires," it adds.

However, Motorola does add a bit of optimism into the post when it says that it has started testing the updated software with most other third parties clients, "such as local carriers in different markets and various governing organizations."

It says that the process contrasts from one region to the other, but it still a benefit since it allows the devs to test it more quickly with fewer third-party apps to certify. This is since the new update is much cleaner a software with no skins and lesser bloatware.

Nonetheless, users can keep the faith as the company says that it will be able to push the update onto your device once it is through with the required testing. Stay tuned for more updates!