Steve Aoki
Pictured: Electro house musician Steve Aoki performs during the Made in American Music Festival in Los Angeles, California August 31, 2014.Reuters

A documentary on DJ Steve Aoki titled "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" will air on Netflix on Aug. 19. This introspective documentary looks at the force behind his passion, his father Rocky Aoki, who is a daredevil showman and Benihana founder.

"I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" explores the DJ's relationship with his father and how the Benihana tycoon and wrestler's validation urged him to succeed at all cost. Sadly, Aoki attained global success only after his father's death in 2008.

The documentary has been described as "heart-pumping yet heart-wrenching," and it follows Aoki in the lead-up to one of his biggest concerts. "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead" was filmed through the making of his feature albums Neon Future and Neon Future II and it touches upon the musician's life and the challenges he faced while creating a musical label out of his college apartment almost 20 years back.

The documentary was first announced in March this year, and now the trailer for the documentary has been released. It features interviews with Diplo and Devon Aoki (Steve's half sister).

Talking about the documentary, Aoki told back in March that one needn't be an EDM fan to enjoy the documentary. "This isn't an EDM documentary. You get a glimpse of the EDM world, of course, because I'm known as an EDM artist, but there's so much that these guys were able to talk about to make it more of a human story than, say, a musical story of going through the process of producing an EDM hit, or going through the process of doing a show. You get glimpses of that stuff, but it's not about the technical details. The film relates to people who have no idea about the world I'm in. You don't need to in order to connect with the story."

Check out the trailer below: