Stephen Miller, Katie Miller
Stephen Miller, Katie MillerTwitter

White House senior adviser Stephen Miller found himself at the receiving end of criticism when he stepped out in the rain along with his pregnant wife Katie Miller.

In a video, Stephen was seen walking beside his wife Katie while it was pouring. He was then greeted by a sea of reporters who asked him if he has tested positive for coronavirus, as Katie was tested positive back in May.

However, Stephen chose not to answer the questions posed by the reporters as he walked past them. But the visuals of Stephen not sharing the umbrella with his pregnant wife didn't go down well with online users.

Many people started criticising Stephen for his ungentlemanly act while some took a dig at him saying 'Republicans hate sharing umbrellas'.

"No gentleman would ever walk with a woman like this, much less his wife. Then again, he's a Trump Republican so there's ample precedent," a Twitter user commented.

Another Twitter user said, "WTAF is up with these guys who won't hold an umbrella for their women? Even just to hold it for any other person shows concern and compassion."

Another one followed with a tweet which reads, "Stephen, is there a reason why your wife is getting wet in the rain? Did she not clean up after you quick enough?"

The video has now gone viral on social media. Take a look.