Canadian woman with 114 charges, Stéphanie Boudoin, has been dubbed as 'world's sexiest criminal'.
Canadian woman with 114 charges, Stéphanie Boudoin, has been dubbed as 'world's sexiest criminal'.Twitter ScreenShot

The trend of social media users having a crush on a felon appears to be catching on. After women went gaga over Jeremy Meeks – a good-looking felon, whose mug-shot went viral -- there is another person who has kicked up a storm on the internet. 

Canadian woman Stephanie Boudoin has won the hearts of thousands of men on the internet. But the 21-year-old Canadian beauty has a jaw-dropping 114 criminal charges against her, making her the 'sexiest' criminal on earth, according to many social-media users.

She was arrested last month in connection with break-ins of 42 homes and her charges include burglary and illegal possession of nine weapons, the Daily Mail reported.

A photo of Boudoin in a bikini from the Montreal Journal report went viral on social media, where she was immediately dubbed as the "World's sexiest criminal", weeks after felon Meeks' mug shot stole the hearts of millions of woman world-wide.

Boudoin allegedly worked with three teenagers aged 13, 15 and 17 to break into 42 homes in Athabaska and Maple areas in Canada, where authorities are conducting investigation to the crimes.

Further reports suggests that more charges were filed against Boudoin last week taking her charges to 114 counts that includes breaking and entering, receiving stolen property and illegal possession of weapons that were found in the back of her car.

Here are some reactions from Twitter:

Baudoin is just the latest in the series of extremely attractive convicts who have created frenzy on the internet. Earlier, Meagan McCollough, a Florida mother whose tearful mug-shot in an orange jumpsuit sparked several memes including one which said, "I guess it's true...looks do kill".