US President Barack Obama (Photo: Reuters)
US President Barack Obama (a file Photo: Reuters)Reuters

US President Barack Obama on 27 April called upon Malaysia's young people to start their own companies and businesses to create more jobs. The President was addressing a gathering at Malaysian Global Innovation and Creativity Center (MaGIC) in Luala Lumpur along with the Malaysian Prime Minister Haji Mohammad Najib. Obama is on a four-nation visit to Asian countries since 22 April. His next visit is to Philippines. 

"We (Najib and Obama) want you to be able to create things and start your own companies and your own businesses, and come up with your own products and services, because that's how our societies grow. And the dreams and talents of these young people help to fuel our economies and create jobs, and they also bring our countries closer together," Obama said.

Obama said that often, the conversation between the US and Muslim communites was around security issues. But actually, people in the Muslim countries are concerned about jobs and businesses and improving quality of their life, the US President stated. 

Obama said that around the world, US is helping young entrepreneurs connect and collaborate and start their own businesses, serve their communities, tackle global challenges like expanding education and combating climate change, and create this center to turn their ideas into reality. "And this center is a direct result of the entrepreneurship summit that the Prime Minister hosted. It's a one-stop shop, so young entrepreneurs, they can come here, they can get help to file a patent for their ideas, they can access loans and venture capital, they can get technical training and assistance, and they can get their businesses up and running," Obama said.

Praising innovations of young entrepreneurs at the Center, Obama said that both he and Najib encourage such innovations and entrepreneurships which make lives better, safer and healthier.

"These young people here, they're going to be creating all kinds of amazing things when they get older. And the fact that this center is giving them the opportunity to learn computer coding early on, understanding that computer sciences and IT are going to be one of the keys to future growth, I think is a testament to some outstanding investments by the people of Malaysia and the next generation," a White House communiqué quoted Obama.