Sushant singh dead

Once upon a time, far away on the dreamland of Bollywood, people lived in peace. Lives of Bollywood celebrities were pretty private and scandals were hidden under the rugs. We used to see our stars on the silver screen, judging them by the characters they portray and rating them on the basis of their movies.

With the advancement in the technology and introduction of the internet, we are blessed to be closer to the celebrities we love. We can check out their pictures, stalk their lives on social media and know about the beauty hacks and get the ultimate fashion goals.

We have the liberty to comment on their pictures, share our opinion and talk to them on live chats. Before even switching on the news channels, the youth check out the social media platform and get information about the stars. But the question here is, do we deserve it?

Should Bollywood stars keep their social media account private?

With freedom and power, comes great responsibility. We live in a country where we have the freedom of speech and we can openly share our opinion on social media. Sometimes we turn into a film critic, and sometimes we are the fashion police, with the power of social media, we can transform into anything then why we're choosing to be a cyberbully? While liking or disliking celebrities has always been a personal choice, abusing them is seriously off the line.

Born as human being we are entitled to make our choices in life, then why aren't the celebrities in Bollywood have this privilege. A star can be Sita or Gita on the silver screen and a fan can have an opinion about the same, but judging someone on the basis of what they wear and eat in personal life is crossing a line and simply hypocrite. I know that Bollywood has the power to influence the youth and the celebrities too have a personal life where they can dance, drink and enjoy the way they want as long it's not hurting anyone, just like us.

Ever since we have had access to the personal life of celebrities through social media, things have gone out of hand. Not only the videos and posts shared by them are judged and scrutinised but their images are also morphed and used out of context. If a star is spotted partying with fellow mates, without proof, we call it a rave party. If a picture surfaces of an actor and the actress spending time in a house, we speculate that they're dating. And God knows that they have been constantly compared, insulted and brought down by us.

Mafias, Masala and Media circus

But the things were still under control until the celebs started to get rape and murder threats. This raises the question, how low we can stoop? We have made the circus out of the lives of these celebrities and with the help of media, we all succeeding. I mean there are celebrities who are not available on social media and until and unless they give interviews or are captured by the paparazzi, they are only targeted with speculations and what-ifs.

We're so much absorbed in hatred that we are targeting the stars unnecessary for making fun and insulting the stars on the basis of secrets they have shared with us. From Deepika Padukone being bashed for her depression story to Sara Ali Khan being dragged in the Sushant Singh's death case, celebs are being targeted on a daily basis now.

And while we sit at our homes blaming Bollywood mafias for the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, we are forgetting that when he was alive, most of us abandoned him, his movies, talked about him, turned our backs, promoted the star kids and called him 'arrogant' at times.

This ongoing circus around the lives of Bollywood stars makes me wonder that the world would be a better place if stars keep their private lives so that the masala as an audience we get can come only through movies.