Star Wars
Kylo Ren is frantically in search of the lightsaber.Facebook/Star Wars

"Star Wars" fans are in for some unique experience by this December. They would be able to virtually enter the world of their favourite sci-fi movie, courtesy special-effects company Industrial Light and Magic, which is setting up a new team to develop a technology with an 'emotional touch'. 

The aim is to 'bring virtual and augmented reality experiences'  to enable fans to 'enter the world of the movie, navigate and interact.'

The company, foundd by George Lucas 40 years ago, is spearheading the initiative by merging the technical assets of Experience Lab (ILMxLab) with Skywalker Sound and Lucasfilm to make it happen, according to USA Today.

"What we're aiming for is to open the two-dimensional world of the movies and allow fans to walk into those worlds with the same visual fidelity," ILMxLab creative director John Gaeta said.

"All that George begat caused a reassessment of innovation from movies to video games. The next 40 years of ILM is about exploding that universe with tech once again. xLab is as attuned to Silicon Valley as it is to Hollywood."

So get ready to take charge of the starfighter or fight Darth Vader. The ILMxLab technology is likely to make its debut alongside the December opening of JJ Abrams' "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." The team will then begin working with other filmmakers to expand the project.