The latest trailer of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 has confirmed the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn. However, recent reports have stated that Bendu is also all set to appear in the third season. Whether he will belong to the good side or the evil one, is yet to be seen.

In the Star Wars Rebels Season 4, Bendu will be a giant who will train Kanan to regain control over the Force and will help him get his vision back. Bendu calls himself "the middle" as he belongs neither to the side of the Jedi nor the Sith. He has natural gifts of manipulating the Force as unlike most of the Jedis and Siths, he didn't learn them but had the skills since birth.

Though fans are wondering which side Bendu will represent in the series, according to several rumours, he will initially be introduced as a neutral character with no intention to join any side. However, other reports state that he might debut as one of the antagonists of the series.

In Star Wars Celebration that took place in London a few weeks ago, Lucas Film revealed several elements from Season 3. The first two episodes of Season 3 were premiered during the event, teasing several possibilities that might turn up in the episodes of the fourth season.

As reported by Gizmodo, Dave Filoni, the co-creator of "Star Wars Rebels," discussed Thrawn and where he stands in the storyline.

"When we start, I always want to know where it's all going. If we bring [Thrawn] in, we have to think reasonably about, 'Where is he?' There are any number of reasonable answers as simple as, 'He's on a Star Destroyer,'" Filoni said.

Though Thrawn was assumed to be dead in the previous instalments of the franchise, he is definitely coming back in next season.