Has Ahsoka survived the fight with Darth Vader?
Has Ahsoka survived the fight with Darth Vader?Star Wars Rebels Wiki

In a Star Wars Celebration 2016 panel, "Ahsoka's Untold Tales," Dave Feloni, executive producer of "Star Wars Rebels," said that Ahsoka Tano will return to season 3 in a different form.

Ahsoka was a Clone Wars-originated character who was presumably killed in Season 2 finale. Her death came nothing less than a shock to the fans of the series as Ahsoka was one of the most beloved and popular character in the "Rebels."

Feloni said that he seldom get affected by fan opinions when it comes to the stories and admitted that he was initially determined to not bring Ahsoka back in Season 3 after the second season finale.

According to IGN, it seems that the executive producer has changed his mind now as he said that Ahsoka will join the journey and accompany the other rebels in the next season. Even Ashley Eckstein, who voices Ahsoka, was taken aback a little as she was not expecting such a statement from Feloni.

Feloni later stated that after all the fans' enthusiasm and their love for the character to see her again in the series, "it just might be possible." However, he made it clear that for now, nothing as such has been confirmed and it doesn't necessarily means that Ahsoka survived the fight with Darth Vader in Season 2 finale, saying: "It doesn't necessarily mean what some of us would hope it means. But it might be possible to see her again. She might have something to do."

IGN also reported that in a post-show segment on the Star Wars Show live-stream, Feloni said:

"The fan support behind her is a strong argument. I've always had a story in mind, so I haven't changed that story in all honesty [...] She's become very important as people realize she's got a relationship to Anakin, Darth Vader, now more than ever. There's a lot there as a character that I think is exciting to explore."

Whether Ahsoka will appear as a recurring character or will be a series regular like the previous seasons, will be seen once Season 3 premieres in fall 2016 on Disney Channel.