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The third season of the highly-awaited animated series, "Star Wars Rebels," is almost here and much to the delight of fans, Disney XD has revealed the latest clip from the premiere episode titled "Steps Into Shadow."

The Season 2 finale ended on a dramatic note as Darth Maul succeeded in blinding Jedi Master Kanan, who is also Ezra's teacher. Elsewhere, after the battle with iconic Sith Lord Darth Vader, Ahsoka was presumed to be dead.

Darth Maul somehow succeeded in luring Ezra to the dark side and under his influence, Ezra opened a Sith Holocron. Though it was not made clear in the finale, but it seems that the young Padawan was getting stronger as he embraced the dark side of the Force and was willing to become an apprentice of Maul.

Fans are eagerly looking forward to find out the fate of Ezra and watch whether he resists the power of the dark side or joins the Sith. Before fans get to see what exactly happens with him, they can go through the clip that showcases Ezra using the Force on an AT-ST and several Stromtooper soldiers. It seems he is defending himself along with Sabine, Zeb, and Hondo in the clip.

One of the greatest highlights of Season 3 will be the debut of Grand Admiral Thrawn. It is not yet confirmed whether Maul and Vader will be returning from the previous seasons. 

The synopsis of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 reads:

"Having established a secret base on Atollon, the Ghost crew, now led by a more powerful Ezra, strengthens the rebel fleet by acquiring new resources and recruits eager to stand against the Empire. However, the Imperial efforts to eliminate the rebellion are now being led by the coldly analytical Grand Admiral Thrawn, whose strategic, tactical, and cultural insights make him a threat unlike any they have faced before. In Season 3, Ezra and Sabine take on new roles and challenges as the rebels prepare for their biggest mission yet — a direct assault on the Empire."

"Star Wars Rebels" Season 3 is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 24 on Disney XD.