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The season finale of "Star Wars Rebels" Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger where a lot of series' story was left untold. However, it seems that the fans eagerly waiting for Season 3 of the series have some good news to look forward to.

Though the creators of "Star Wars Rebels" haven't announced the premiere date of Season 3 yet, according to the official Star Wars website, the next season is currently in production and will air sometime in 2016.

Breathe Cast has reported that the third season of the series will be filled with "adventure, hope and the battle between good and evil." The website has also stated that Season 3 would have a heavier story arc than Season 2 and would include the elements from Star Wars franchise that have been loved by the fans from across the globe.

As reported by Breathe Cast, talking about the future stories in the series, Kiri Hart of Lucas film said: "The show continues to tell fun, heartfelt, exciting new 'Star Wars' stories week after week and it's beloved by fans of all ages. Season 3 will see our rebel heroes face new obstacles and find new allies in their fight against the Empire."

Several new characters will also be introduced in the upcoming season, including Grand Admiral Thrawn from the "Thrawn Trilogy." Thrawn's character is dubbed as the largest cameo role in the history of the franchise, and according to certain rumours, he will appear as an Imperial officer in the series.

Talking about the fate of Ahsoka in Season 3, executive producer of "Star Wars Rebels," Dave Feloni, Said: "I would just say that there are probably--and I'll give you this as we go back a ways--there are probably more stories to tell with Ahsoka Tano but I would not believe that that would happen necessarily on 'Star Wars Rebels.'"

In the last season, it was seen that the major characters were dominated heavily by the agents of the Dark Side; Ahsoka Tano vanished, Kanan was left blinded, Ezra was tempted to join the Dark Side and Anakin was seduced by the dark forces that ultimately lead to his transformation into Darth Vader.