After months of speculations, the next season of "Star Wars Rebels" has finally got a release date as Lucasfilm and the network Disney XD have confirmed that Season 3 will premiere on Sept. 24, Saturday.

Similar to the previous seasons, the third season will also open with a one-hour event. Though the official air date of following episode hasn't been revealed, it is speculated that it will release on Oct. 8 or Oct. 15.

According to Geek, the plot of Season 3 will explore the adventures of the Rebel forces who have constructed a secret base on Atollon; the strange planet that was seen in the previous season. With a new base secured, the Rebels are planning to carry out a direct assault on the Empire.

Ezra will be more powerful and determined than before and will be leading the Ghost Crew. The crew itself will be undergoing some major changes after Kanan was critically injured in Season 2.

The new mission of Ghost Crew is to "resource acquisition and recruitment to help build up the rebel fleet." However, their biggest challenge on the mission will be getting past through Grand Admiral Thrawn's (voiced by Lars Mikkelsen of "House of Cards" fame) troops.

In the meanwhile, recent reports state that Sabine will decide to go solo and will face challenges on her own. The Star Wars Celebration this year had hinted that she might be joined by more Mandalorians and hence her story will definitely be one of the major plot elements in Season 3.

It is still not confirmed whether Bendu (portrayed by Tom Baker) will return in Season 3 or not. However, fans are hoping positively for it as Darth Maul is also set to appear in the next season.

Several rumours also state that some of the elements from "Rebels" might appear in the upcoming movie "Star Wars: Rogue One." However, nothing as such has been confirmed by any of the officials related to the movie.