Even though "Star Wars Rebels" is on a mid-season break due to Christmas and New Year, it will pick up the story in the next episode from the previous one titled "Legacy".

With "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" reviving the decades-old franchise to all-round applause, there is a significant possibility that "Star Wars Rebels" might include some elements from "The Force Awakens" in its next episode, which is scheduled to air in January.

The series is set five years prior to first movie of original trilogy, "A New Hope." It is intended to provide a background on what led to the events of "Episode IV". However, given that all the Star Wars movies and series are interlinked often, some of the characters from "The Force Awakens" or their origin story may appear in the series.

In Episode 9, titled "Legacy", Ezra had a vivid dream about his parents, which he was convinced was a vision that would lead him to discover their fate.

Hera and Kanan said they had secretly spent months investigating Imperial prisons, and had heard about a recent prison break. As the Ghost prepared to return to Lothal to investigate Ezra's visions, the Imperial fleet arrived at Garel based on the intelligence from the Seventh Sister's probe droid.

Ezra and Kanan escaped to Lothal in the Phantom, while the Ghost stayed behind to assist the escape of the rebel fleet. On Lothal, Ezra followed a Loth-cat which appeared in his dream to Prisoner X-10, one of the escapees who was the former Governor of Lothal, Ryder Azadi.

Azadi told Ezra his parents heard his broadcast and it had inspired them to organise the prison break in which he had escaped. However, Ezra's parents were killed during the breakout.

While saddened at his parents' deaths, Ezra took solace in that they had heard his message, and Kanan comforted him by telling him his parents live on inside him.