Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens
The complete character list of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" has been leaked online.Facebook/ Star Wars

There's still some time left before the Galactic Imperial army finally commences its march to theatres, but that hasn't dampened the spirits of the die-hard Sith-Jedi faithful, who are excited about the newly-released trailer for the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens".

The newest trailer for the movie (only its second one) has enough material related to the movie that will keep hardcore fans buzzing all through the week. But the trailer isn't the only good news, as fans were also recently treated to the Star Wars Celebration. 

In case you still haven't had the opportunity to check out the new teaser for the movie, you can see it below. But if you have, you should be able to deduce a few new changes to the series that have been brought to light with the release of the new trailer.

Han Solo is back... So is Chewie

If there's one in-movie character that a number of fans have learnt to respect more than Luke Skywalker himself, it is Han Solo. The character, immortalized by our very own Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones, Jr.(Harrison Ford) will be back again with the help of his most trusted Chewbacca as they team up one more time with the Rebel Alliance to take on the evil Galactic Empire. Maybe we'll get to see more advanced version of the Millennium Falcon this time around, thanks to technology (and J.J. Abrams' Star Trek encrusted vision).

The Galactic Empire is More Evil than Usual

If you check out the new trailer, you should come across a shot of the Imperial Stormtroopers in front of the red flag, the logo of which has changed from the ones we are so used to seeing for the Empire. But are the Stormtroopers carrying even better technologies now to battle the Jedi? We shall see.

Outer Space Sith Ninjas Coming?

If you don't know still, Kylo Ren is the bad guy in this Star Wars iteration. Thankfully, he looks super evil and could hurt somebody. What concerns us more is the shot where Darth Vader's broken mask is unveiled, with Kylo Ren bearing a sort of cybernetic three-headed lightsaber with an appearance that only resembles ninjas. Let's just hope Ren delivers the kind of evilness that's expected of him in the new movie.

R2-D2's New Look. And BB-8 is Adorable

No one can forget the iconic R2-D2 android from the Star Wars series, and fans can rest assure that the android won't miss out on the latest movie as well. The R2-D2 recently made a guest appearance at the Star Wars celebration, where it was revealed that the android, this time around, will be fitted with even more tools. Aside R2-D2, we are also thrilled to see the adorable BB-8 that moves around with its soccer ball-like torso. There's word on the street that there may be some sort of animosity between both the androids in the movie. Something similar to a newer iteration of technology going against its more old and seasoned counterpart.

The Desert Planet is Actually Jakku (Jah-Ku)

Questions have risen related to the desert backdrop that was shown off in the trailer. Initially, it was assumed that the backdrop was basically the home planet of Luke Skywalker, called Tatooine. However, Abrams has been swift to remove any false hope by claiming that it's actually another planet called Jakku (pronounced: Jah-Ku). New planets mean new adversaries, new challenges, and maybe a newer race that either joins the Sith or the Jedi.

Finn Won't Stand for the Empire's Nonsense

There's a shot in the trailer where Finn (John Boyega) reacts to attack fighters killing innocent people. He's disgusted and soon joins the Jedi (going by the fact that he is a Stormtrooper himself at the start of the movie, probably). Finn isn't standing for the cruel exploits of the Imperial Army and that probably explains why he's running for his life in the first trailer.