Star Wars Episode VII
Star Wars Episode VIIWikimedia Commons

Han Solo, the character essayed by Harrison Ford in the Star Wars movies, will not die in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," claims a source who is believed to have worked at the production of the movie.

However, the source who calls himself Spoiler Man also revealed through a Reddit thread that Han Solo's death is being planned for "Star Wars: Episode VIII."

According to Spoiler Man, Han Solo will be shown as married to Princess Leia, who has been the leader of the Republic for about 30 years. It has also been implied that Han Solo has had a couple of adventures in the past three decades, with and without Princess Leia.

Meanwhile, another spoiler noted that the relationship between Han Solo and his wife has become strained over the years, and although they are married, they might not be together.

Brandon Rhea of Starwarsfans.wikia revealed that the film opens with Oscar Isaac's character joining hands with John Boyega's character, someone considered the next Luke Skywalker who is displeased with what the Empire is doing, to launch a daring escape, and they meet Daisy Ridley's character during their attempt to escape.

Ridley's character agrees to help them and she takes to an old space pirate named Han Solo. "When they meet up with Han, Daisy shows him the lightsaber, which he recognises as the lightsaber of Luke Skywalker—a lightsaber he hasn't seen in many years," the spoiler noted. "Han is concerned about what this means for his old buddy, and takes the trio to the Rebel Alliance leader: Princess Leia Organa. And a couple of familiar droids!

"It's not exactly a happy reunion. Nonetheless, Leia sends the group safely on their way, and they set out to return the lightsaber to Luke—and find out what happened to him."

It is not immediately known why the reunion isn't a happy one, and fans have come to two major conclusions — either Han and Leia are not in good terms or because Luke is missing and his lightsaber has been found.

It is being speculated that Luke went into hiding following an event post-Endor so as to keep attention off of his activities. When the film starts he is somewhat an urban legend and he is considered Yoda's successor, and his storyline is set in motion once Ridley's character finds Luke's lightsaber.

As for the three new Jedi characters — John Boyega, Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley — they feel the tremors of The Force, but aren't in tune with their powers as they don't have a teacher to help them master it.

"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will hit the screens on 18 December 2015.