As the release date for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" inches closer, fans are getting more and more anxious for any tidbit regarding the most anticipated movie of the year. And we are here to quench your thirst for "Star Wars" trivia, with some leaked set pictures, a look back at every change made in the sci-fi movie over the course of time and information about the extent of CGI effects used in "The Force Awakens".


Making Star Wars, has published quite a few photos from the sets of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and gives us more insights into Luke Skywalker's planet. The images from the Greenham Common set show the rebel base, ships and other pieces that were used in the film.

The website also clarifies that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) hails from a different planet than the one Resistance Bay is located on.

Although at this point, it is impossible to confirm Luke's planet, rumours do suggest that it could a new snow planet called Ryoome. Considering the "Star Wars" planets that have snow and are significant to the Empire, it could also be Mygeeto, where the battle for super laser occurs, or even Rhen Var, which has temples on it, as Alice Charlie Scoles comments. 

Regardless of the planet, Lucasfilm will have to implement CGI visual effects and other technological gimmicks to make the other-worldly battles look realistic. But it's extensive use in the "Star Wars" prequels had caused much distaste among fans, so how is JJ Abrams going to tackle the CGI issue in "The Force Awakens"?

According to Making Star Wars, there aren't too many shots in the Episode VII of "Star Wars", that completely use CGI; to be specific, there are only 28 shots out 357 scenes that use CGI.

In fact, the creators have made the choice to use authentic, real and practical effects for the upcoming movie.

Here is a breakdown of the complete CGI shots:

  • (First shot of the film) A lightsaber tumbling to the ground, towards the savanna.
  • Kylo Ren's ship heading towards the Star Destroyers after failing to get the saber on Jakku.
  • TIE fighters heading for the Star Destroyer after battle.
  • Falcon goes through crashed Star Destroyers.
  • Falcon getting caught by the giant freighter.
  • Sledgehammer steam-rolling Star Destroyers..
  • The Falcon flying to meet Luke.

Basically, all the shots involving space ships, space, TIE fighters and Star Destroyers are all CGI. One of the major changes in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is that there are no CGI effects involving the main heroes physically.

If you do want to see how "Star Wars" has evolved over seven episodes ahead of "The Force Awakens" that will be released on 16 December, watch the "All Changes Made to Star Wars" series of youtube videos uploaded by Marcelo Zuniga