Star Wars
Ewan McGregor has already stated that he will join back 'Star Wars'.Facebook/Star Wars

Ever since Disney opened up on its desire to expand the "Star Wars" universe, a plethora of speculations on several spin-off movies have been spreading on the Internet.

Rumours about Ewan McGregor returning to the film franchise as Obi-Wan Kenobi and getting a solo spin-off once again are buzzing online. 

The latest update on "Star Wars" Trilogy is that the entertainment company is in talks with the celeb for a new project, which will be based on his most popular character in the epic space opera.

Earlier, McGregor had revealed that he will return to the film franchise in future and his words have strengthened the speculation by Schmoes Know. They claimed that the "Star Wars" trilogy on Kenobi is likely to take place between episode three and four of the epic space opera.

Word around the halls is that Disney is in negotiations with Ewan McGregor for an unknown project. But from a source commenting on some of the more interesting conversations happening behind closed doors, it's for McGregor to once again transform into the venerable Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Disney has been courting Ewan McGregor 'not to be a force ghost, but for a post-Episode III Kenobi.' They go on to add they've heard from multiple people that Disney wants an Obi-Wan Kenobi TRILOGY of films, outside of the Anthology series.

Although Disney, Lucasfilm and McGregor have not released any official statement regarding the solo spin-off film series, speculations suggest that it could revolve around the character's past and his relationship with Luke Skywalker, according to Slash Film.

However, fans of "Star wars" will have to wait for the authenticity of the news; until then, they can check out the updates on latest project by the franchise "The Force Awakens", which will hit big screens on 18 December.