Your Facebook profile photo can now be 'Force' enabled.

The latest film in the Star Wars series - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - is going to release on 18 December worldwide and Facebook is cashing in on the popularity of the series by enabling profile pictures that feature lightsabres, in evil red or goody blue, for a set period of time.

The feature is available only for this week. 

You can log onto the official Star Wars page on Facebook or click here and then click the button 'Try It' to get a lightsabre on your profile image just like Finn's (John Boyega). 

'Awaken the Force within by adding Finn's lightsaber to your profile picture,' says the simple Facebook tool. 

The feature lets you place the lightsabre anywhere you like. However, for it to be placed right, you better be ready to look for the right image. 

With Snapchat the world had fallen for ephemeral messaging head over heels, and now Facebook has joined the bandwagon and is letting users set a time limit for their profile pictures.

Previously, Facebook had enabled the LGBTQ+ rainbow to be used as a filter on your already existing profile image.

Users in US can also use a frame with the colours of the college football team they support.

Facebook has been letting users decorate their profile pictures and using it like badges to show support for various causes and teams, along with the 'Safe check' during natural calamities.

These are some of the new features that the company has been trying out to keep the huge community of users happy and interested.

The audience have had to wait for a decade for the current episode or instalment of the Star Wars film. It has garnered good reviews from the US audience already with IMDB rating it 9.5/10.