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Despite attempts to keep the plot of "Star Wars: Episode 7" a secret, various theories on what would be featured in the upcoming instalment have been doing the rounds for a while now, thanks to leaked photos from the set. And, one major concern has been the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker.

While previous theories discussed the possibility of Skywalker being missing in action for close to 30 years, a recent This Is Infamous report discuss the possibility of the Jedi Master missing for "only about 10" years, and he has been utilising the time to rebuild the Jedi Order. The report goes on to add that Skywalker had grown to such levels that he could "literally move mountains or bring down ships with merely a glance," prompting him to go on a self-imposed seclusion on Dagobah.

Skywalker will relocate to Yoda's old home planet, and that is where he will be found by Han Solo and the rest of the gang and reunited with his old lightsaber, the report claims.

Earlier reports had hinted at the possibility of Skywalker being abducted, following his victory over the Emperor. But the This Is Infamous claim appears to be in tandem with actor Mark Hamill's statement about the future of his character in "Star Wars: Episode 7."

At the time, he reportedly said that his character will no longer be involved in lightsaber fighting, instead his powers will be more like that of a wizard. However, at this point, all the news about "Star Wars: Episode 7" are mere speculations.

Meanwhile, the first shots of an half-constructed model of what appears to be the Millennium Falcon was recently leaked online by Matthew Myatt, a longtime Star Wars fan. The photos were taken over Greenham Common, a park that is a former United Kingdom Royal Air Force Base.

"I happened to zoom in and spot the Millennium Falcon and was in complete shock," Myatt told BBC. "It completely threw me and I had one of those moments where [I was like], 'Am I seeing what I'm really seeing?' So I had to grab my son to come and have a look and confirm what I'd actually seen, and of course, his excitement was unbelievable, as much as mine was, so we were dancing around—'Wow, we've got a picture of the Millennium Falcon!'"