Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront was released on 17

Star Wars Battlefront's release on 17 November introduced its fans to a new Star Wars video game ahead of the release of J. J. Abrams's "Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens."

The game was released for PC, PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Though players faced several issues on the day of launch, EA rectified some of them with workarounds on its official EA Help website.

The game will allow players to battle it out between a Rebel Alliance and that of Darth Vader's troops. And yes, the players will also be able to control Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Leia Organa, Han Solo and The Emperor.

EA has shared some tips and tricks to help play Star Wars Battlefront better (EA):

  • Maintain controlled fire with your blaster to manage both heat and bolt spread.
  • With each successful cooling flush, the skill game increases in difficulty. When failing, dying or not activating the cooling flush, the difficulty level will decrease again.
  • The Ion Shot makes your blaster more powerful against vehicles and weaker against troopers during its active time.
  • The Ion Grenade is a great way to quickly deal with pesky Droids and turrets.
  • The Pulse Cannon does greater damage the longer it's charged. A fully charged shot will defeat a person with one shot.
  • Combine the Jump Pack with an explosion based weapon – like the Bowcaster – to rain mayhem from above.
  • The Smoke Grenade not only reduces vision, but also blocks lock-on functions for weapons, turrets and Droids.
  • Energy shields blocks incoming energy blasts, but solid projectiles like grenades, rockets and the Cycler Rifle slug will pass through.
  • If you have a power up you do not want, you can hit Interact (E, X, Square) in front of a power up to change it for a new one.
  • The Cycler Rifle and Pulse Cannon must be fired while scoping in order to maximize its accuracy.
  • The Smart Rocket fires like a regular launcher, but the rocket will target and track a vehicle if fired in its general direction.
  • If you take damage while trying to call in a vehicle the progress will be reset.
  • Evasive manoeuvres break missile lock and Soft Lock.
  • Reduced velocity increases weapon power, increased velocity reduces weapon power for the A-wing, X-wing TIE fighter, TIE interceptor, Slave I and the Millennium Falcon.
  • Hold the Left Trigger (RMB on PC) to activate your targeting system on the starfighters. It helps you land your shots.
  • A Trait will grant a passive bonus and level up with kill streaks. When dying, the Trait will lose a level again.
  • Customize your hand of Star Cards accordingly in Hero Hunt and Heroes vs Villains. Not even a Jedi can block an explosion.
  • Droids are not only great for attacking the enemy team, they also have a scan pulse that reveals enemies to your entire team.
  • In regular Battles, press the D-pad up to make your AI allies 'search and destroy' and D-pad right to 'follow player'.
  • The AT-ST has a weak spot on its back, try to target this when attacking one and defend it when piloting.

Location guide to Collectibles

Star Wars Battlefront reportedly has 60 collectibles that are concealed. Gamepur has shared with us the guide for these locations hidden in the Battlefront map. It said that each map (there are 12 maps) has five collectibles. But players need to complete the game mission if they want to retain the collectibles.

Upon collecting five collectibles, players will earn one Star. If the player happens to collect all the 60 collectibles, then he will earn "Scrap Collector" and "Master" trophies.

The guide recommended equipping players with a Jetpack, which will help in making the process of collecting it faster.

Players must note that in Hea Battle, they will have to opt for Boba Fett to obtain the Jetpack.

Collectibles in Battle Mode

Battle on Hoth

  1. As the mission starts, players need to head left and climb on top of the cliff and then check on the left plateau for the First Collectible of the Map.
  2. Above the big cave players will notice a tall Hilltop and all one needs to do is go to its peak and collect it.
  3. From the Same Tall Peak, players can now look at the Narrow entrance to the cave which is just before the cavern. Head inside the tunnel to grab the third collectible.
  4. Near the Imperial Shuttle one can see some boulders nearby, go ahead and take the collectible.
  5. In the center of this Big Map, there is a hole to get inside. Players will find their last collectible of the map between the rocks.

Battle on Tatooine

  1. Head straight on the metal walkway until one reaches GR-75 Rebel transport. The First collectible is hidden at the hood of this ship, but have the jetpack ready to collect this.
  2. From the same place head down from the other side and grab the second collectible
  3. Once players locate the transport, check underneath behind the computers. This is the third collectible.
  4. Players must travel far off on one side of the map until they encounter the bones of the Krayt dragon lying on the ground. Look for this collectible behind the bones.
  5. Head opposite the Sail Barge to get the last collectible of the map.

Battle on Endor

  1. As the mission starts, check to the right for computer. First collectible of the map is found here.
  2. Head right until one reaches across the fork where one will find the collectible in the grass.
  3. From here take a cut towards the landing pad, the collectible is near the tree on the other side.
  4. Get back to the location where the mission started and get to the second floor from there can see a hallway. The collectible is inside the hallway.
  5. Locate the Imperial Shuttle and behind it is a tank, the collectible is between the tank and the wall.

Battle on Sullust

  1. Head towards the right doorway and get behind AT-AT's to collect the first collectible between the computers.
  2. Next go to AT-AT pit and search in the boxes to find the collectible.
  3. Climb the Walkaway and get on top of the Right AT-AT to grab the next one.
  4. The next collectible is inside the shadow of a Cargo in the hanger.
  5. Next head right to the upper container and turn around, there is a collectible on the right pillar.

Collectible in Hero Mode

Hero Battle on Hoth

  1. As one begins with the mission, climb up the cliff and grab the first collectible.
  2. Head straight until one sees TIE Fighter wreckage on the left. Now, go to the top of the cliff to grab the collectible.
  3. In the center of the map is a very high Peak that has to be climbed to get the collectible.
  4. This collectible is hidden between a tall tank and a very deep hole. One has to jump on the ledge and grab it.
  5. Locate a big cavern, then head down until one sees two E-Web Blasters, the collectible is just between them.

Hero Battle on Tatooine

  1. At the beginning of the Mission, players will notice a transport ship that has to be taken care of and head back to locate the Command pod where the first Collectible is located.
  2. Near the Krayt dragon bones at the end of the mission map players will find a collectible that is hidden underneath the vessel.
  3. This collectible is underneath the tail ship, the collectible is inside the carrier.
  4. Players will need a jetpack as it is located under the transport and sits with the small carriers.
  5. After the fourth collectible, turn around and look at the desert hill below and spot the Great Pit of Carkoon. Now take the Jetpack and go collect it.

Hero Battle on Endor

  1. Take left to the second floor and grab the first collectible of this Map from the left of the Ledge
  2. Head back to the starting point and take right towards the last door and grab the collectible from the rock ledge above.
  3. Locate the Imperial Shuttle and have a look at the left of the ship to find this collectible.
  4. Move directly into the woods on the left of the landing pad and players will find this collectible.
  5. The fifth collectible is very well hidden on the fourth pylon on the right of the building opposite the Base.

Hero Battle on Sullust

  1. As players start the mission, turn around to grab the first collectible.
  2. Check on the top of the Left AT-AT and grab the second one.
  3. Players will be able to enter via left door in the back of the hanger, look at the corridor to locate this collectible.
  4. Check the back wall behind the left AT-AT on the top of the two containers. This is the location of the collectible.
  5. Exit the Hanger and take a left and players will find this collectible on the second pillar.

Collectible in Survival Mode

Survival on Hoth

  1. As the mission starts, turn around and enter the doorway back (corner of the hanger). Continue moving straight until the collectible is found.
  2. Enter into the hanger from the main door and near the X-wing take right then left to grab this collectible.
  3. Inside the hanger, locate the Snowspeeder and check behind for small personal transport, this is where one will find the third collectible.
  4. On the left side of the hanger is a corridor, get inside and collect the fourth collectible.
  5. Inside the hanger head upstairs and then take right to get inside the laboratory to get the final collectible.

Survival on Tatooine

  1. As players start the mission, have a look above the huts and this is the location of the first collectible.
  2. Once the first collectible is gathered, look straight ahead there is another collectible floating near the rock formation.
  3. Jump on the nearby cliff to see a tower with lines which are supposed to be connected to the top of it. The next collectible is above that tower.
  4. Fly far off the map from where the mission started until players are able to locate pieces of fabric hanging on the ropes, this is the location of the collectible.
  5. Locate the Imperial Shuttle and from here follow the path that will take one to a shallow cave where players will find their final collectible.

Survival on Endor

  1. In the Beginning, turn around and climb up the hill to grab the first collectible behind the trees.
  2. Take Right from the start position and go inside the Ewok Village to grab the collectible.
  3. From the same position take the right to the cliff boundary and get the third one.
  4. Get back to the start of the Ewok Village and locate the Imperial vehicle, players will have to fly till the map boundary to get fourth collectible.
  5. Fly far off the end of the map until one finds a cliff on the left with the collectible above it.

Survival on Sullust

  1. Locate the Imperial Shuttle and grab the first collectible from the top of it.
  2. Exit the Hanger and travel far left to grab this one from the uppermost cliff.
  3. On the right doorway of the Hanger are big tanks. The collectible is behind the concrete pillar.
  4. Near the metal pedestrian bridge, climb the Rock Plateau to get the collectible.
  5. To collect this one, players will need Jetpack. This collectible is floating above the lava pit (Right of vehicle bridges).

Guide to unlock Diorama figurines

Unlocking Diorama is tricky, said Gamepur in the guide it shared. Players will have to be smart to earn the rewards.

Rank and Score

Players will have to constantly play the multiplayer game in order to gain reward points. This will help them rank higher.


  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Reach Rank 10

Princess Leia

  • Map: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Reach Rank 50

Han Solo

  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Earn 1,000,000 score in Multiplayer

Game Modes

To unlock various vehicles Models, players will need to get at least 10 wins per game modes. This will mean, nine game modes and 10 wins per mode make 90 wins in multiplayer matches in order to unlock all the figurines via game modes.

T-47 Airspeeder​

  • Map: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Win 10 matches of each Multiplayer game mode


  • Map: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Beat 30 matches of Walker Assault

Mission Mode

Complete everything in these modes, single player and Co-op in order to unlock all four figurines.

Endor Rebel with Smart Rocket

  • Map: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Finish all Battle missions with Master difficulty


  • Map: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Complete all Survival missions with Master difficulty

Luke Skywalker

  • Map: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Find all Mission collectibles

Emperor Palpatine

  • Map: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Collect each star for every mission


This is the easiest way. This works out in any mode and any level. All you need to do is increase the kills in any Missio.

TIE Fighter

  • Map: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Destroy 150 vehicles


  • Map: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Perform 1,500 kills as an Imperial soldier

Tatooine Rebel

  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Perform 1,500 kills as a Rebel soldier

Scout Trooper

  • Map: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Perform 250 headshot kills

Millennium Falcon

  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Get 100 kills with the Millennium Falcon or Slave I

Darth Vader

  • Map: Endor
  • How to Unlock: Kill 250 soldiers as a Hero


To unlock these set of Figurines, one has to carry Trait in the Multiplayer load out and perform the kills to gain fast level up. The level is reset at the beginning of every round so make sure you Level up fast in order to unlock the below figurines.


  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Use 200 power-ups


  • Map: Hoth
  • How to Unlock: Reach Level 3 for every Trait

Boba Fett

  • Map: Tatooine
  • How to Unlock: Use all Star Cards to get a kill with every weapon

Slave I

  • Map: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: Ride in vehicles for 10 hours(total)

Base Command

An easy way to retrieve these figurines is to download the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app and play the first base command game. If you manage to get three stars rating in Rebel Campaign then players can grab the below figurines:

Twi'lek Rebel

  • Map: Sullust
  • How to Unlock: In Base Command, achieve a three-star rating on the first siege in the Rebel campaign