Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront was released on 17

Have you felt any disturbance in the 'Force' of late? If you have, then it is due to the release of Star Wars Battlefront video game from EA on 17 November.

This new game from the Star Wars Battlefront series allows its players to battle out between a Rebel Alliance and that of Darth Vader's troops. And yes, the players will also be able to control Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Boba Fett, Leia Organa, Han Solo and The Emperor.

As has been the case with many of the new games coming out these days, Star Wars Battlefront has also been facing issues on its launch day. EA has been forefront of solving issues that have cropped up.

Below is a guide from EA Help helping us navigate through the issues and errors and providing its workarounds:

EA has warned the players about facing connectivity or performance problems as they play the game.

  • Issue: Xbox One players cannot join servers/matchmake

           Platform: Xbox One

           Workaround: We've fixed an issue causing problems with matchmaking or joining servers on Xbox One.

If you're unable to matchmake or join servers on Xbox One, close your game and check for a game update.

Once updated, you should be able to join servers normally.

  • Issue: Infinite server loading screen/Stuck at server "joining" screen

           Platform: All

           Workaround: If you get stuck while matchmaking, or encounter an infinite loading screen when connecting to a server, exit your game fully and try joining a game again.

  • Issue: "You are not allowed to access online features" error

           Platform: All

           Workaround: While there are many reasons you might see this error when trying to play your game, it could be due to playing on an underage, or child, account.

Make sure you're playing on an account registered to a user of-age and try again.

  • Issue: Poor performance when running dual graphics cards

           Platform: PC

          Workaround: A driver issue causes dual graphics card setups, such as Crossfire or SLI, to suffer performance drops.

Graphics card manufacturers are working on a driver update for this issue.

In the meantime, disable one graphics card to avoid performance problems.

  1. Open the Start/Windows menu then search for and click "Device Manager."
  2. Expand the Display Adapters pulldown menu.
  3. Right-click on the lower graphics card and select Disable.
  4. Click Yes on the pop-up window asking "Do you really want to disable it."

Remember to Enableyour graphics card again after you're done playing.

  • Issue: Sudden disconnection from, or cannot connect to, server

          Platform: PC

          Workaround: Stay connected and logged into Origin to avoid disconnection from servers you're playing on.

If you disconnect from a server, make sure you're still logged into the Origin client.

  • Issue: Lower than expected performance when running AMD CrossFire dual graphics cards

          Platform: PC

          Workaround: A driver issue causes dual graphics card setups with AMD Crossfire to suffer performance drops.

AMD is working on a driver update for this issue.

In the meantime, disable one graphics card to avoid performance problems.

​​AMD players can change their Crossfire settings through the Catalyst Control Center.

  1. Right-click your Desktop and select Catalyst Control Center.
  2. Open the Graphics menu.
  3. Click CrossfireX.
  4. Uncheck Enable Crossfire.
  5. Click OK to save your settings.
  • Issue: Lower than expected performance when running NVIDIA SLI dual graphics cards

           Platform: PC

          Workaround: Update to NVIDIA's Star Wars Battlefront Game Ready driver from the GeForce Experience, or download the driver directly from

Common technical problems

  • Issue: Technical hang or game freeze

           Platform: All

           Workaround: Restart your game.

  • Issue: Console is unable to find servers when exiting Rest/Suspend mode

           Platform: All

           Workaround: Restart your game.

  • Issue: Game freezes after accepting a co-op invite while joining a multiplayer match

           Platform: All

          Workaround: Restart your game.

  • Issue: PC Num-Pad keys do not work

           Platform: PC

          Workaround: The Num-Pad on PC cannot be used for any keybindings.

  • Issue: Joysticks do not work

           Platform: All

           Workaround: Joysticks cannot be used.

  • Issue: PC Third-Party messaging software causing the game screen to go black

           Platform: PC

          Workaround: Tab out of the game, or interact within the invasive app screen, to fix the issue.

Guide to resolve EA server connection loss

Network Address Translation (NAT) Type

Maybe the most important and overlooked piece of a quality connection is your NAT type.

  • Your NAT Type is either Open, Moderate, or Strict, and controls what other Nat Types you can connect to.
    • An Open NAT Type means you can pretty much connect to anyone but is the least common of the three to have.
    • A Moderate NAT Type, the most common of the three, means you can only connect to others who are Open or also Moderate.
    • A Strict NAT Type means you will only be able to connect to others who are Open.
      • As you can probably figure out, if you have a Strict NAT Type, you're probably going to have a bad time, at least when trying to play games online with your friends.
  • To top it all off, sometimes it's pretty hard for your games to figure out your type and will connect you incorrectly, sometimes your ISP has a separate NAT Type, and sometimes our servers or your connection might just be down.

The following steps may help you improve your NAT Type:

  1. First, make sure you have the following ports open:
    • TCP: 80; 3074; 53
    • UDP: 88; 3074; 53
  2. Next, if you're actively experiencing problems check out the tried-and-true connection issue fix of unplugging your router or modem from its power source for about ten minutes, then plugging it back in.
    • After it boots back up and is operational, players generally notice a solid difference in the capability of their connection.
  3. If you keep getting kicked out, can't connect, or find errors, run down the following quick-fixes:
    • Ensure your router or modem's firmware and drivers are up to date.
      • To do so, you'll likely be able to find help from your router manufacturer's website.
    • Add the game you're trying to play as an exception to your firewall, or if you're unworried about security, disable your firewall altogether.
    • Enable Universal Plug and Play, or UPnP, on your router.
    • Adjust your DNS settings.

Players must make sure that they open the right ports:

Platform UDP TCP
PC 3659, 9565, 9570, 9000-9999 3569, 9946, 9988, 10000 - 29999, 42100-42200
PS4 3074, 3478-3479, 3659, 6000 80, 443, 1935, 3478-3480, 3659, 10000 - 29999, 42100-42200
Xbox One 53, 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 3659, 4500 53, 80, 3074, 3659, 42100-42200

Error Code CE-34632-8 on PS4 – Gets a fix

Many Battlefront players have been facing the Error Code CE-34632-8 issue on PS4, which displays the message "To use this application, you must update it."

After tweeting that it was looking into the issue, it said that a fix had been deployed and if some of them were still facing issues, they must restart their PS4 and it will be resolved.