Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront was released on 17 November,

Brave claims were made in a mistakenly leaked Star Wars Battlefront video from EA Brazil on a new map for Star Wars Battlefront's next update. The video was taken down immediately, but not until it was picked up online.

The video reportedly claimed that the January update for Star Wars Battlefront could include a new Tatooine map; apart from some new costumes for Luke and Leia Skywalker, and the addition of private matches.

However, Oscar Carlen, the lead lighting artist, took to Twitter (via GameSpot) to stop what he called "misinformation" and tried to clear the misconceptions rising from the leaked video.

While maintaining that the upcoming patch will be "great," he confirmed that there will be no new maps in January update. He promised that players will not be "disappointed" with it.

Carlen revealed that he is "still polishing the new maps" which could be part of a later update and not coming out in January.

EA has not come out with any sort of official statement on this, but with a week remaining for January to end, the company might drop an official reply soon.

EA had released Battle of Jakku DLC in December 2015. Star War Battlefront has around 12 million user base.