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We have already had a glimpse of what the next JJ Abrams-directed "Star Wars" is bringing with the release of the brand new trailer. However, the movie isn't the only big "Star Wars" treat that's arriving soon. We are also awaiting the much-anticipated "Star Wars Battlefront", the release date of which will coincide with that of the movie.

But before the next "Star Wars" game makes its debut, it seems the list of vehicles to be included in the game has been revealed. However, this list isn't a final one and has been compiled on the basis of the trailer released earlier. The trailer doesn't offer actual gameplay footage, but assumptions could be made.

Here is the list of vehicles that could be included in "Star Wars Battlefront":

Star Wars Battlefront Vehicles: The Empire

Since the earliest "Star Wars" movie, fans have been fascinated by the technology that's involved in The Empire's AT-AT vehicles. Now, there's a slight chance that you might actually be able to manoeuvre one of those in the game. But even if you can't, we are expecting to see the AT-AT in full flight, transporting fighters and crushing rebels on the ground, for Battlefront.

TIE Fighter
Surely, there can't be a Star Wars game without TIE Fighters inside it. After all, the TIE is Galactic Empire's one of the most iconic war machines of all time. We are expecting fans will get to drive one of these inside the game, and with its side-hovering manoeuvres and disposable nature, the TIEs are surely to hit the perfect chord for the fans.

If not anything else, "Star Wars Battlefront" will surely put the massive bi-pedal walkers AT-STs into the game. Maybe the Ewoks indeed managed to bring one of those things down with the help of traps, but AT-ST is another one of those Galactic Empire vehicles that will surely be featured in the new game.

Speeder Bikes
The Speeder Bikes first made their appearance in the "Battle of Endor" in "Return of the Jedi". And even if the bikes are indeed to make a return for "Battlefront", expect them to be fitted with newer tech and features.

"Star Wars Battlefront: Vehicles: The Rebels

T-47 Airspeeders
T-47 Airspeeders are basically fast-moving Snow Speeders that are unique to the Rebels. T-47 Airspeeders were used to bring down The Empire's AT-ATs back in the Battle of Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back. Maybe, the T-47 Airspeeders will also feature in the upcoming Battlefront.

We are guessing that if Battlefront does feature The Empire's TIE Fighters, the developers will look to even out the battlefield by introducing the Rebels' X-Wing fighters. There's a slight mention of the X-Wing in the game's previously released trailer, but we expect to see more of it when the original game arrives.

Aside a slight mention of the X-Wing fighters, the "Battlefront" trailer also showed off the Y-Wings bombing the AT-ATs in Endor. Y-Wings are not really known for their speed or the ease of driving one, but they are the real deal when it comes to heavy bombing of enemy vehicles and bases.

Millennium Falcon
Now, there can't be a Millennium Falcon and no Han Solo or Chewy to drive it, and vice versa. The Millennium Falcon was showed off right before the early trailer for "Battlefront" came to a close, and if the game lives up to the expectations, you cannot be blamed for looking ahead to the Millennium Falcon in the game.

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