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"Star Wars Battlefront," the action shooter video game from developer EA DICE has received new update patch 1.06.

The new update, whose full patch notes were shared on the official forum, have revealed the list of additions that the update will bring to the game. Patch 1.06 will include a new Outer Rim DLC for Season Pass owners, which will also see two new playable characters — Greedo and Nien Nunb.

The game will see the addition of two new features, Spectator Mode for watching Private Match games and Hutt Contracts that will add new weapons like DL-18 and the DLT-19X.

There is also a new Powerup, the T-7 Ion Disruptor; the multiplayer menu has been redesigned to allow players to get back into the game mode quickly.

The update will also increase the Rank cap from 50 to 60. Now, even non-Hero characters can be used for combat role.

The patch also brings changes to multiplayer Game Mode, missions, Heroes, vehicles, weapons and Star Cards, and some fixes to the miscellaneous bugs. Patch 1.06 will weigh over 8GB.

Here we reproduce the patch notes for additional content/functionality and the rest of the details can be found in the official forum:

Additional Content/Functionality

  • Outer Rim: Now available for Season Pass owners
  • New Feature: Hutt Contracts add a new way of obtaining Weapons and Star Cards
  • New Feature: Spectator Mode introduces a way to watch Private Match games with a variety of camera angles and the ability to swap between players quickly
  • Multiplayer Menu: Redesigned the screen to facilitate players being able to get into a game mode more quickly and easily
  • Multiplayer: Teams will now re-balance when transitioning between maps
  • Teamplay Focus: New feature in which an objective can be highlighted by each player to highlight where players are heading; press X (Xbox One), Square (PlayStation 4), or E (PC)
  • Ranks: Increased Rank cap from 50 to 60
  • Scoreboard: Added icons for playing as a Hero, playing in a vehicle, and player ping
  • Scoreboard: Rearranged Score to be the first column represented
  • Scoreboard: Faded player row to signify when a player has been defeated
  • Combat: Added combat roll to non-Hero characters; strafe and double tap B (Xbox One) or Circle (PlayStation 4), for PC strafe and press Alt (can be rebound)
  • Partner: The Partner Icon will now be visible on screen at all times
  • UX: The currently selected Trait card is now shown in the deploy screen
  • Credits: Updated Game Credits list