Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront was released on 17 November,

"Star Wars: Battlefront", the action shooter video game from developer EA DICE, will soon be getting February update. The developer has released some early details of this update.

The developer said it took a "lot of feedback" from the community, and did a "lot of data mining" to check how the game performed following the January update, which was a huge one and had brought several tweaks to weapons and characters.

It revealed some of the weapons balanced in the previous update were weaker. "Across the board, it was revealed a few weapons that had been balanced were showing to be slightly weaker than we had hoped in many situations," said a community manager in the "Star Wars: Battlefront" forums who goes by the username Sledgehammer70.

The February update will see tweaks to Bowcaster and Homing shot, promising that it will be brought back "in line where we feel they should be." The community manager added that players can consider it to be "buffs."

He also said players can expect weapon buffs against air vehicles, barrage damage adjustments, DLT19 adjustments and others.

The developer is also bringing changes to the Starfighter. "We have been gathering feedback across the board around Starfighters and are getting ready to make some changes across the board. The first item, of course, revolves around the A-Wing, as our team outlined here, you will see changes in how the A-wing's hit-box functions among other adjustments to make sure this Starfighter is aligned with its counterpart," Sledgehammer70 said in another post.

It was further revealed that the February update would be addressing the usage of Starfighter shields to ram ground vehicles.